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What's the Best commission Rate to Pay Salon or Spa Staff?

Salon and spa owners: learn how to pay your staff for performance, not just sales. Discover a new approach to compensation that benefits both you and your employees. . Read More

How to Attract Talent That Thrives in Your Salon/Spa Culture

Attract stylists who love your salon's vibe! Learn how to define your culture, craft irresistible job descriptions & leverage social media to build a dream team that thrives. Read More

Unlocking Salon/Spa Productivity: A Lesson in Listening and Adaptation

Discover how Wafaya Abdallah transformed her salon's culture, from winning awards to losing key team members, to embracing flexibility and deep listening. A story of resilience and leadership. Read More

How the Beauty Industry Can Recover from the Pandemic Hangover

Dive into the aftermath of PPP and EIDL grants, uncovering the hidden challenges and long-term strategies for salon and spa growth. Read More

5 Tips to Rid "I" from Your Salon/Spa Team Culture

We’ve all heard the line, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” It’s a pretty simple concept. Team and teamwork is about “we.” In stark contrast, “I” is singular. It’s about “one’s self.” Read More

When Salon & Spa Owners Aren't Taking a Paycheck

When the owner of a salon or spa isn’t taking a paycheck, it’s more than business; it’s personal. Here’s a quick to-do list to help you start taking home the paycheck you deserve. Read More

The Debt-Free Salon or Spa

For salon/spa owners, the closest thing to owning a home with no mortgage is owning and operating a business that is 100% debt free.The concept of... Read More

2023 Team-Based Pay Awards Winners

We're happy to celebrate and honor the 10 salons, spas & medspas that exhibited superior performance and financial successes in 2023 using Strategies Team-Based Business Model. Read More

How To Keep Long-Term Salon/Spa Staff Engaged

Long-term salon/spa staff members can present a unique set of potential challenges for leaders. At the top of the list is resistance to change. In this blog post, we share six strategies to keep your long-term staff members engaged, adaptable and in the game of growing the company. Read More

"Why I Love about Being a Team-Based Salon/Spa" Video Contest Winners

What's it like working in a Team-Based salon, spa, medspa, barbershop, or lash studio? We recently reached out to the Team-Based community to ask them. Here are their stories. Read More

What's Your Salon/Spa Exit Strategy?

It's never too early or too late to plan: Where do you want your business to be in five or ten years? What do you want it to look like? How much in revenues and profit? Planning means setting a future goal and creating the necessary steps to achieve it. If you don't like to plan - don't expect a windfall when it's time to sell. Read More