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Unlocking Salon/Spa Productivity: A Lesson in Listening and Adaptation


In a recent episode of the Beauty Business Strategies Podcast, we were joined by special guest Wafaya Abdallah, curly hair expert and owner of Curly Oasis Inc, a Team-Based hair salon in Rockville, MD.

During our conversation, we discussed her big win - the 2023 Team-Based Pay Award for Productivity at the Team-Based Pay Experience - and the rollercoaster ride that followed. 

Wafaya's story is one of resilience, adaptability, and the power of listening to her team. Read on to learn how an unexpected business setback unlocked a whole new level of performance for her team.

From Award Winner to Facing Curveballs

At the end of 2023, Wafaya's team was riding high after winning the Strategies Team-Based Pay Award for Productivity. But here's the thing: Wafaya admits her leadership style was a little heavy-handed on control. Sure, it worked at first, but it eventually led to some key players leaving her team. This unexpected challenge forced Wafaya to re-evaluate her approach.

The Power of Deep Listening

Instead of tightening her grip, Wafaya embraced the concept of deep listening. She sought advice from mentors and colleagues, who emphasized the importance of truly hearing team members' needs and aspirations. Wafaya began actively listening to her team, creating a space for open communication and honest feedback.

Shifting Gears: A Culture of Flexibility

In the process of listening deeply to the needs of her team, Wafaya decided that a more flexible work schedule might facilitate a more positive culture in her salon. This led to the implementation of a four-day workweek with a dedicated training day for new hires. Surprisingly, this shift didn't decrease their productivity rate. Instead, it led to a more engaged and efficient team.

Key Takeaways for Leaders

Wafaya's story offers valuable lessons for all leaders.

1. Productivity Is Rooted in Behavior, Not Just Action

Wafaya emphasized that productivity isn't just about taking action but also about cultivating behaviors that support efficiency and growth. Deep listening to her team members allowed her to identify areas for improvement and implement changes that enhanced productivity.

2. Embrace Change and See Challenges as Opportunities

When faced with unexpected departures from her company, Wafaya chose to view these challenges as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks. She recognized that obstacles often pave the way for innovation and improvement, leading to transformative changes within her business.

3. Work-Life Balance is Key for Long-Term Success

Wafaya's decision to transition to a four-day workweek was driven by a desire to prioritize work-life balance for her team members. This change not only improved morale and retention but also resulted in increased efficiency and productivity within her salon.

4. Listen Deeply to Understand and Adapt

By adopting a philosophy of deep listening, Wafaya created a culture where team members felt valued and heard. This allowed her to address concerns, foster innovation, and make strategic decisions that propelled her business forward.

5. Embrace Vulnerability and Continuous Learning

Throughout her journey, Wafaya demonstrated vulnerability and a willingness to learn from others. She sought advice from mentors, engaged in professional development, and remained open to new perspectives, leading to personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, Wafaya's story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of adaptability, empathy, and resilience in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

By listening deeply to her team and embracing change, she not only overcame obstacles but also fostered a culture of innovation and success within her business.

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