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How to Attract Talent That Thrives in Your Salon/Spa Culture


Finding talented service providers is an ongoing challenge for many salons and spas. 

Today's candidates are looking for more than just a paycheck. They crave a place that aligns with their values and purpose. 

Your job description is your golden opportunity to make that connection.

Imagine attracting service providers who not only possess the technical expertise you need but also seamlessly blend with your unique culture, creating a dream team that thrives within your environment.

This perfect fit between stylist and salon culture isn't just wishful thinking. It's a strategic approach that leads to a happier, more productive team and a more enjoyable experience for your clients. 

So, how do you attract service providers who are a perfect fit for your salon or spa culture?

Defining Your Salon/Spa Culture

The first step is to clearly understand your salon/spa's core identity

What are the values that underpin everything you do? Is it teamwork, a commitment to sustainability, or a passion for cutting-edge creativity? 

What kind of work environment are you striving to create? Do you envision a collaborative and fun atmosphere or a fast-paced and results-oriented one? 

Most importantly, how does your unique culture translate into the experience you want to deliver to your clients? 

Are you aiming for a luxurious and pampering experience, a trendy and cutting-edge vibe, or a family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere?

Attracting the Right Fit

Once you've defined your culture, you can attract service providers who share your values. Here are some key strategies:

  • Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions: First things first – scrap the generic template. Instead, focus on what makes your salon/spa special. Don't just list technical skills and experience. Highlight your culture and values throughout the job description. Use positive language that reflects your salon's personality, and consider including testimonials from current service providers who rave about your work environment. Pro tip: Involve your team in brainstorming the qualities they value in a team member and how to translate that to the job description. 
  • Showcasing Your Vibe: Social media is a powerful tool for attracting stylists who are a good cultural fit. Use your platforms to showcase your team culture in action. Share photos and videos that capture the energy and personality of your workplace, and feature client testimonials that reflect the atmosphere you've cultivated. You could even consider creating "a day in the life" style content to give potential hires a glimpse into what it's like to be part of your team.
  • Employee Referral Programs: Your existing service providers are a great resource for finding new talent. Encourage them to refer friends or colleagues who they believe would be a good fit for your culture. Offer incentives for successful referrals to incentivize participation.

The Interview Process: Assessing Cultural Fit

The interview process is your chance to assess a candidate's cultural fit. Here are a couple of ways to go beyond the resume:

  • Behavioral Interview Questions: Instead of relying on generic interview questions, use questions that focus on past experiences that demonstrate your desired qualities. For example, instead of asking "Do you work well in a team?", you could ask "Tell me about a time you collaborated with a teammate to overcome a challenge."
  • Team Introduction: Briefly introduce potential hires to some of your current team members during the interview process. Observe the interactions to see if there's a natural rapport and a sense of potential cultural fit. You could even invite a candidate to shadow a team member for a day to see how they blend with your team. 

Building a Dream Team

By focusing on cultural fit alongside technical skills, you'll be well on your way to building a dream team. A strong team culture fosters a positive work environment where service providers feel valued and supported, which in turn leads to increased employee satisfaction, better client service, and a thriving business.

Ready to start attracting talent who are a perfect fit for your salon or spa culture?

  • Review your job descriptions and infuse them with your culture and values.
  • Start showcasing your unique vibe on social media.
  • Consider implementing an employee referral program.

By taking these steps, you'll be well on your way to attracting stylists who will not only bring their skills to your team but who will also become an integral part of your salon or spa's vibrant culture.

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