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Salon/Spa Leadership is All About Behaviors

Here are four essential strategies to define and lock in the right behaviors for self-leadership, AND how to shape the right behaviors in those you lead. Read More

Quest for the Best Salon/Spa Daily Huddle

Struggling with daily huddles? Here's a 10-point hit list to make your daily huddles consistent, relative, and most importantly, producing results! Read More

What it Really Takes to Live Best Practices

Imagine if everything about your salon/spa was a reflection of “best practices.” In this blog post, we'll give you some important strategies to not only implement best practices, but to live them every day in your salon/spa. Read More

What Creates or Kills Salon/Spa Profit

I’m passionate about the work we do at Strategies, but passion doesn’t pay the bills.Just like your company, my company needs to be profitable. It... Read More

How to Make “What If We Went For It” Happen

Are you always thinking about ways to improve your salon/spa? In this blog post, we give you a five-point hit list to eliminate the big road blocks and begin checking items off your “what if” checklist. Read More

Turning Salon/Spa Net Profit into Cash

If you’re not working hard to create Profit and turn it into CASH – you’re cruisin' for a business bruisin'. Here are four rock-solid strategies to not only create Profit — but to turn that Profit in CASH. Read More

10 Secrets to Managing Salon & Spa Success

Hooray! You're seeing some successes and feeling good about your business. Now what? Here are 10 secrets to managing and assuring long-term success in your salon, spa or medspa. Read More

The Wacky World of Salon/Spa Employee Pay Expectations

As all salon/spa owners know, managing employees is an ongoing and challenging responsibility. In this blog post, we break down how to navigate the wacky world of employee pay expectations. Read More

Salon & Spa Critical Numbers: It’s About Incremental Gains

You’re either working on improving your critical numbers, making your Balance Sheet look healthier, and creating more net profit on your Profit and Loss Statement or accepting status quo. Read More

When You Want It Bad Enough

It doesn't matter if it's growing your own salon/spa business or achieving a once unthinkable goal, when you want it bad enough, the path reveals itself. Read More

When Salon & Spa Employees Choose to Leave

When service providers decide to quit a salon/spa, it is anything but, "Go gently into that good night."All too often, the process plays out... Read More