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The Secret to Loving Salon/Spa Ownership

If you’re feeling more stress than love with your company, here are four non-negotiable secrets to loving salon/spa ownership. Read More

Can Your Salon/Spa Pass this Business Acid Test?

Our salon/spa acid test looks at five critical areas of your business to assess what’s working and what needs attention. Read More

When You Keep a Bad Employee for the Money He/She Brings In

The longer you allow problems to continue, the more aggravation, stress, and missed opportunities you and your team are forced to deal with. Read More

Achieving That Elusive Work/Life Balance

If you’re seeking work/life balance, these six must-do strategies deserve serious thought and personal evaluation. Read More

How to Fix Today’s Salon/Spa Recruiting Challenge

If you’re under pressure to recruit because your salon/spa is losing employees, it’s your business that needs some serious fixing. Read More

Is Your Salon/Spa Growing, Coasting, or Shrinking?

Post COVID-19 pandemic, a simple assessment of the state of your business will give you the leadership approach you need to succeed in 2021. Read More

How to Recruit Salon/Spa Employees in the Post Pandemic

We know recruitment requires hard work. This week we have seven improvements to help you get the most out of your recruiting process. Read More

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Salon/Spa Business

Falling back in love with your salon/spa means rethinking how you lead and the systems that result in a business worth loving. Read More

Imagine Your Salon/Spa Running at Full Potential

To understand what it takes to get your salon/spa running at full potential, you must know what makes you tick as a leader. Read More

Why Do You Pay Commission?

The most common response to the question is, “Commission motivates them to perform and sell.” But does it really? Read More

Dare to Dream — And Dream BIG

Today, there are signs the worst of the pandemic is behind us. So much so, that it’s time to start dreaming again — and dream BIG. Read More