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Why Do You Pay Commission?

The most common response to the question is, “Commission motivates them to perform and sell.” But does it really? Read More

Dare to Dream — And Dream BIG

Today, there are signs the worst of the pandemic is behind us. So much so, that it’s time to start dreaming again — and dream BIG. Read More

How to Keep Salon/Spa Employees Motivated to Achieve Goals

When it comes to communicating and achieving goals It’s a relentless TEAM effort that starts and stops at the top. Read More

The Great Salon/Spa Tipping Debate

Discover the five main challenges that tipping creates and why no-tipping salon/spas stand out from the crowd. Read More

Are PPP/EIDL Loans Masking Pre-Pandemic Salon/Spa Problems?

If PPP and EIDL funds have you sitting on more cash than usual, here are three strategies you should lock onto immediately. Read More

A Salon/Spa Owner is Not the Real “Boss”

The day you start or acquire a salon/spa, you are the one in charge — but you’re NOT the boss. The truth is, the real boss is the company itself. Read More

Is Your Salon/Spa Business Flawed By Design?

Commission rewards individual sales - not teamwork. Team service must be the focus in a service business. It’s about building a brand for your company. Read More

Why “Who Gets the Credit” Hurts Your Salon/Spa Culture

The question, “Who gets the credit?” has been part of the salon/spa business forever. As benign as it may appear, the only reason that question is even asked is to determine who gets the “commission” on the service and/or product sale. And the moment “who gets the credit” surfaces, teamwork and culture take a hit. In this week’s blog post, we pull back the curtain on the four most common challenges “who gets the credit” creates. Next, we present you with four critical questions where you want to take your company. This is seriously important information that every owner needs to understand — and take action to overcome. Read More

Your Salon/Spa Culture is Defined by Its Values

We all know certain companies that impress the heck out of us in everything they do. We admire companies for great customer service. We admire companies for their great cultures. We admire companies for how impeccably they perform. We admire companies for their financial success. But, what you’re REALLY admiring is their values-based behavior. And values-based behavior doesn't just happen. It all begins with the values established by the owner/leader. In this blog post, we pull back the curtain on the most common compromises owners and leaders make to values they expect their employees to follow. Discover how you can avoid hurling darts at the values of your salon/spa. Read More

What it Really Takes to Achieve Your Salon/Spa Vision

Does your vision for your salon/spa fire still fire you up? In this blog post, we give you six gotta-do’s to ensure that you and your team can achieve your vision. Read More

10 Reasons for Salon/Spa Owners to Stay Positive

These days, it’s tough for owners to maintain their positivity. We get it. At almost a year into this pandemic, salon/spa owners have been thrown one challenge after another. So much so, staying positive has become a task unto itself.But even in the toughest times, it’s the salon/spa owner’s positivity that keep their teams inspired, united and progressing forward. Positivity is energy. Positivity strengthens and bonds your culture. Positivity makes the unattainable attainable. Without question, positivity begins with you, the owner.In this week’s blog post, we give you TEN solid reasons for you to get and stay positive. You can do this. Read More