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Gotta take care of you

Being the leader of a business pretty much means that you live in a perpetual pressure cooker. You've got stuff coming at you from all sides... Read More

Are you keeping your promise to the customer?

These days, terms like "brand promise," "exceeding customer expectations" and "the customer is always right" are so... Read More

You want to be the best - but will you do the work?

When you say that your company is "the best," it means that it has little or no tolerance for anything that's done below standard.... Read More

Tuff Stuff: Leave nothing unsaid

You're getting ready to do a performance evaluation with a key employee. There have been behavior and performance issues that have surfaced a... Read More

URGENT: Mount your own economic offensive

Yes, the economy has become a seriously hot topic. And all the suggestions on how to survive the recession we're in are not only valid, they are... Read More

What's your exit strategy?

Lately, it seems that the two questions I'm being asked most are: How do I figure out what my business is worth, and can you help me create an... Read More

When personal relationships compromise leadership thinking

It happens to all leaders. You are or have become friends with an employee. (Or, to make matters more sensitive, the employee may be a relative.)... Read More

Is your business "recession proof"?

When I first became involved with the salon and spa industry, many times I would hear how "recession proof" the industry was. "People... Read More

Are you coachable?

This is a tough question for many entrepreneurial leaders. Chances are, you started your own business to be captain of your own ship - to do it your... Read More

My No-Compromise Leadership book: a brief history

I wrote the first outline for No-Compromise Leadership in March 2005. I wrote the bulk of the book by Fall of 2006. Rewrites on the first third of the... Read More

You could sure do a lot if you weren't doing so much

As a training and coaching company, Strategies meets and works with leaders seeking solutions and guidance to grow their businesses. They come ready... Read More