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How to Control Your Time Bandits

As a salon or spa owner, you work hard all day on a bunch of stuff. There are emails, phone calls, tasks, interruptions – and the fires that would burn out of control had you hesitate to step in. Read More

The Super Duo: Salon & Spa Systems and Culture

What’s the difference between a salon/spa that operates like a well-oiled machine and is able to implement major change and those that struggle? The answer comes down to a company’s ability to dial in the super duo of systems and culture. Read More

Understanding Salon & Spa Pay for Time Worked

Navigating the do's and don'ts of labor law regulations seems to get more and more confusing every year. In this blog post, you'll get a crash course on what is compensated time in the salon/spa. You'll also learn how to pay service providers that are also your in-salon educators. Read More

Salon & Spa Meetings & Education: Mandatory or Optional?

Discover why meetings and education are essential and MANDATORY for salon/spa culture building, teamwork and business growth. Read More

How to Use Information Flow to Maximize Customer Loyalty

The challenge of delivering consistently high levels of customer loyalty and retention is the subjective nature of exactly what customer loyalty is... Read More

The Dirty Truth About Salon & Spa Service Payroll Costs

The benchmark for service payroll is 30-35 percent of total revenue. If you think that's the same as 30-35 percent commission, you need to read this. Read More

Salon & Spa Performance Reviews: Addressing the tough stuff

You're getting ready to do a performance evaluation with a key service provider. There have been behavior and performance issues that you had... Read More

Is Your Salon or Spa FIVE STAR or Something Less?

No salon or spa owner sets out to be less than the best. Here are five leadership “gotta do’s” to achieve your Five Star rating. Read More

How to Successfully Navigate High Inflation — and Possible Recession

As a salon/spa owner, you had to navigate your way through the Covid shutdown and reopening.Today, continuing supply chain shortages, insanely high... Read More

12 Characteristics of a Great Salon/Spa Employee

Use these twelve characteristics of a great salon/spa employee as guide to coach existing employees and a checklist for hiring new ones. Read More

Five Strategies to Maintain Your Leadership Strength

Let's face it, it's hard to be on your leadership game every day. In fact, it's shortsighted to even think it's possible. The work... Read More