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Where the Money REALLY Goes in a Salon or Spa

In an industry almost entirely driven by skilled, creative and passionate professionals, it’s easy to understand that there is a significant lack of... Read More

How Much is Your Salon or Spa Worth?

Ever wonder how much your salon or spa is worth? Is there a magic formula? Don't wait to work on growing the value until it’s time to sell. In this blog post, you'll discover seven tips to determine what your salon/spa business is worth. Read More

"Why I ❤️ Team-Based Pay" Video Contest Winners

Recently, we reached out to the Team-Based Pay community to ask them to share what they love most about working in a Team-Based Pay salon, spa,... Read More

It Takes 100%+ Team Effort To Hit Salon/Spa Goal

Nothing saps the energy, moral and confidence of a team then repeatedly falling short of goal.Salon/spa owners get frustrated and, too often, the... Read More

Who Owns the Salon/Spa Client?

FACT 1: No one owns the client. Clients give their business and loyalty to those that earn it.FACT 2: The traditional salon/spa business model is... Read More

The Heart of a Salon or Spa Owner

Never let go of that unique dream that compelled you to become a salon or spa owner.If it was that lifelong dream of building a company that stands... Read More

Consequences Don’t Fix Missing or Broken Salon/Spa Systems

In this blog post, we pull back the curtain on the downsides of using consequences rather than designing and implementing systems to achieve your desired outcomes. Read More

Everyone is Accountable for Salon & Spa Customer Loyalty

Everyone is accountable for customer loyalty.Everyone.No-compromise.Yes, customer loyalty begins with leadership and that’s where the problem can... Read More

“Happiness" Is No Discounts for Prebooking

A Strategies coaching client recently asked, “Do you recommend offering a discount to encourage clients to prebook their next appointment?”The short... Read More

Salon/Spa Owners: Is This Your Best Work?

This blog post dives into what it takes to not only do your best work as a salon/spa leader but to unleash the untapped potential of every team member. Read More

Are You Prepared for Serious Salon/Spa Growth?

Every salon/spa owner has that special vision of the company he or she wants to build.Some envision grand multiple locations that are systemized,... Read More