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Six Must-Do’s to Make Money in a Salon/Spa

Here are six must-do strategies for creating profit and making money in an employee-based salon, spa, medspa, or barbershop. Read More

Can Your Salon/Spa Go NO TIPPING?

Is it really possible to go no tipping? Yes, if done correctly and for the right reasons. Here's our six-point checklist to become a no-tipping salon/spa. The goal is to charge what you’re worth and retire the antiquated practice of tipping. Read More

12 Salon/Spa Leadership New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

Here are 12 powerful resolutions to help you align your leadership behavior and focus to make 2022 a true breakout year for your salon/spa. Read More

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Employee-Based Salons & Spas

Here are 10 rock-solid New Year’s Resolutions that will help you seize the amazing opportunities that exist for you in the New Year by embedding each and every resolution into how you lead, build and grow your salon, spa, or medspa. Read More

2021 Team-Based Pay Award Winners — In Their Own Words

What does running a Team-Based Pay salon or spa really look like? In this blog post, you'll hear from eight owners share what the Team-Based Business Model has done to improve their business, culture, and client experiences. Read More

2021 Team-Based Pay Awards Winners

We're happy to celebrate and honor the 8 salons, spas & medspas that exhibited superior performance and financial successes in 2021 using Strategies Team-Based Business Model. Read More

Salon/Spa Leadership IS …

What does the right salon/spa leadership thinking and behavior look like? Here are our ten No-Compromise Leadership thinking and behavior requirements. Read More

Keep Your Information Flow Flowing

Historically, information flow at salons and spas can be inconsistent, excruciatingly slow, or, even worse, completely absent. Here are four tips to assess how well your information-flow systems are flowing. Read More

Why You Must be Impatient for Profit and Patient for Growth

At the end of the day, salon/spa growth is exciting — but profit will always be the key to winning the game of business. In this blog post, we give you our FOUR strategies why you must always be impatient for profit and patient for growth. Read More

A Season for Gratitude

Well, the 2021 Holiday Season is officially upon us. We’re only one month away from New Year’s Eve 2022.After the past two years of Covid chaos, this... Read More

Are You Fulfilling These Salon/Spa Owner Responsibilities?

Starting or buying a business is the easy part.Creating a true success story is, without question, where the hard work begins.According to statistics... Read More