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Service Consistency Defines Your Salon/Spa Brand

In a salon/spa service business, consistency isn’t just important — it’s EVERYTHING. In fact, it defines your brand. Here are the seven essential gotta do’s to not only chase consistency — but make it stick. Read More

Do You Know Your Salon/Spa's Current Net Profit? If Not — Why Not?

Winning in the salon/spa business is all about creating Net Profit — what’s left after all expenses are paid. In this blog post, we get down and dirty on tracking and driving Net Profit — and why this discipline is big time non-negotiable. Read More

Work/Life Balance: How to Get Control of Your Time and Have a Life

Every salon/spa owner wants to get things done. But getting things done means getting control of your time. But what about having a life? Is it even possible to get things done AND still have a work/life balance? The answer is a major YES! Read More

What it Really Takes to Get Your Salon/Spa Team on the Same Page

Getting and keeping everyone in your salon or spa on the same page is both a process and a discipline. Here are five no-compromise strategies to get you started. Read More

Salon/Spa Compensation: It’s Time to Look Beyond an Individual’s “Numbers”

Performance/wage reviews in your salon/spa don't have to be stressful! Here are some tips that focus on the right performance and behaviors without overwhelming employees with mountains of numbers and reports. Read More

Happy Birthday Strategies! 28 Years of Growing Great Salons/Spas

When I founded Strategies, my vision was to publish Strategies Magazine and build a seminar/coaching company for the salon/spa industry.The first... Read More

Salon/Spa Owner’s Guide to Getting the NOT FUN Stuff Done

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every aspect of salon/spa ownership was outrageously fun to do? The truth is, the duties and responsibilities of being an owner are not all fun and games. Some can be downright stressful and do severe damage to the business. Here’s our guide to help you successfully navigate the “not fun” stuff. Read More

Stop Over-Complicating Credit Card Fees in Your Salon/Spa

Credit card processing fees are like professional product costs — you hate them … but have to have them. In this blog post, we tackle the credit card processing fee challenge with our best and easiest recommendation. Read More

When Salon/Spa Ownership Sucks the Life Out of You … And How to Prevent It

I just read a Facebook post from a salon owner saying that, after almost four decades in business, he was closing his salon.He said, “I had enough … I... Read More

Salon/Spa Front Desk Staff: Don’t Talk “Team” and Treat Them as Something Less

It's time to do an intense assessment of how you view and treat your front desk/guest services employees. It’s time to level the playing field and create meaningful careers for front desk/guest services employees. Read More

Why Salon/Spa Retailing Must Be a Team Sport

In most salons/spas retail selling is disappointing at best and frustratingly indifferent at worse. In this blog post, we tackle the “who gets the commission” question and detail why the generally accepted approach to retailing professional products needs to go away. Read More