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How to Fix Professional Salon/Spa Retailing

Are your salon/spa's retail sales less than 10% of total revenues? Want to DOUBLE those numbers? Here are seven tips to reinvent your salon/spa retail game. Read More

Are You Creating the Very Outcomes You Fear?

As the leader/owner of your salon/spa, the need for “everything” to be done a certain way is micromanaging in its purest form.It means getting... Read More

When Your Salon/Spa Leadership Mojo Works Against You — And What to do About it

As a salon/spa owner, when your leadership mojo is dialed in … you’re unstoppable. But when it's out of whack … it works against you. In this blog post, we take a very deep dive into the four things you can do to control your leadership mojo — and do so in ways that produce dynamic growth. Read More

The Dirty Truth about Salon/Spa Service Payroll Costs

For most commission-based salon/spa owners, payroll is a “set and forget it" expense. They pick a rate that hopefully will allow for profit … and payroll is set on autopilot. In this blog post, we expose the dirty truth about salon/spa service payroll costs, what you need to understand, and what to do about it. Read More

Teamwork is “WE” Work

True teamwork and the ability to focus on salon/spa monthly goals cannot occur if the owner's and leader's focus is on setting and tracking individual goals. Here are six tips to get you started. Read More

Why Salon/Spa Profit Matters

All salon/spa owners want profit — but not all owners run profitable businesses. In this blog post, we give you six powerful lessons that will help you not only get control over profit — but turn it into cash. Read More

It’s The Most Awesome Salon/Spa Financial Report Ever

In this blog post, we reveal this awesome financial report ('s the Balance Sheet) and give you three easy steps to understanding the health of your salon/spa. Read More

Year 3 of Covid: How One Salon Owner Rediscovered Her “Why”

In this blog post, Leslie Winterrowd, owner of Goldwaves Salon, shares her heartfelt message and what you can do to rediscover your WHY and reignite your attitude of gratitude. Read More

When Working Solo Isn’t Enough

Take a deep dive into what it takes for busy … time-crunched … stylists/service providers to make the jump from solo to building a successful salon/spa — and create the culture of your dreams. Read More

BURNOUT: When You Think You Gave It Your All

Ever feel like you're burned out and pushing against the tide? Here are five proven strategies to break free from burnout — and prevent it from ever happening again. Read More

10 Ways Team-Based Pay Benefits Salon/Spa Employees

What is the advantage of Team-Based Pay for salon, spa, or medspa employees who are currently on commission? It's a very good question. Here are ten benefits. Read More