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Team-Based Pay Experience | Oct. 6-7 | San Antonio, TX - Save $496 now!
Let the A Glo Spa & Salon team show you what the Team-Based Business Model looks like in action.

Team-Based Pay

It's time for a pay system that fuels profits, drives growth, & inspires team performance. Download this free white paper to learn how to transform your pay system from a burden on your bank account to a launching pad of opportunity.
Rachel Beechboard
Team-Based Pay is the best thing I EVER did for my salon. If you want to run a highly-sustainable business, and to be able to offer your team great pay and benefits, AND pay yourself, it's a no-brainer. I started out as a commision-based salon, and when I went Team-Based Pay I never looked back!
Rachel Beechboard | Libelle Beech Salon | Lebanon, TN

It's more than just a pay program...

For most salon, spa, and medspa owners, payroll is the number one contributor to their financial challenges. But what most owners don't realize, is that their pay program is also one of the biggest detractors when it comes to recruiting and retaining staff, culture issues, inconsistencies, and overall growth. The Team-Based Business Model changes all that.

Are you tired of feeling like no matter how hard you work on your company, the outcomes, culture, and profit margin always seem the same?

Are you scared of losing your top producers to rental and suites?

Are you tired of handing out commission checks to staff members who show little-to-no interest in driving company growth?

Are you tired of renting chairs and wondering why you guaranteed a bank loan/lease to open a business where no one needs to follow your rules or help you grow?

Are you ready to start building a better future for you, your team, and your company?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone.

But the good news is, there's a better way to do business, and it starts with a simple word...


And if you want to "be" team, you need to "pay" team.

That's what Team-Based Pay and the Team-Based Business model are all about.

At Strategies, we believe that the way you pay can affect everything from bottom-line profits to client retention. We believe the Team-Based Business Model is the only way to ensure that your team is working together with shared goals that all lead to extraordinary customer satisfaction in your salon, spa, or medspa business.

Team-Based Pay also...

  • Allows your company to be profitable by design, not by chance.
  • Unlocks your extended career and income growth opportunities for your team.
  • Makes everyone feel they're appreciated and being paid what they're worth.
  • Motivates your team to drive bottom-line growth.
  • Creates more freedom and flexibility throughout the company.
  • Lets you take home a paycheck worthy of a business owner.

If you're ready to learn how to implement Team-Based Pay and the Team-Based Business Model in your business, we can help. After all, we literally invented Team-Based Pay for the professional beauty industry.

Four ways to get started with Team-Based Pay:

  1. Download our free Team-Based Pay White Paper:

    There are a lot of myths about Team-Based Pay. You owe it to your company to get the facts. Written by Strategies' Founder, Neil Ducoff – the creator of Team-Based Pay – this white paper explains how the system works, its benefit to your clients, as well as personal stories from owners who currently use the Team-Based Business Model.

  2. Attend our intensive four-day training, the Strategies Incubator

    The only event where we teach the entire Team-Based Business Model front to back. You'll learn all about Team-Based Pay, as well as all the systems and thinking that drive it.
    See upcoming Incubator dates here.

  3. Attend our yearly Team-Based Pay Conference:

    Spend two days networking and learning from the largest gathering of Team-Based salons, spas, and medspa. Learn more.

  4. Strategies Coaching Membership:

    If you're serious about creating positive change in every area of your company, no other industry resource offers the depth of support like a Strategies Coaching Membership. You'll work one-on-one with a Certified Strategies Coach – who mastered the systems in their own salon/spas – as well as access to Strategies' in-person trainings, online learning, and more. We'll even come on-site and help launch the Team-Based Business Model to your team! Explore Coaching Membership options here.

Why I Love Team-Based Pay...