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"Why I Love about Being a Team-Based Salon/Spa" Video Contest Winners


What's it like working in a Team-Based salon, spa, medspa, barbershop, or lash studio?

We recently reached out to the Team-Based community to ask them to share what they love most about being Team-Based.

Every single entrant did an incredible job capturing the spirit and opportunities that the Team-Based Business Model was built on.

Unfortunately, we could only pick one winner. So it is with great pride that we congratulate the team at Lovely Lash Company (West Fargo, ND) as this year's winner. We hope you enjoy your two free tickets to Team-Based Experience 2023!

We also would like to acknowledge the videos sent in by the teams at Blush Salon (Fargo, ND) and Enlightened Beauty Salon (Fargo, ND) as honorable mentions. (Is it us, or is Fargo on FIRE!?!?)

To all our other entrants: You did an AMAZING job, and we can't thank you enough for taking the time and energy to share your stories on how being a Team-Based company has impacted your lives. We truly value your efforts, and we will be sharing many of your stories with pride in the weeks and months to come!

Winner: Lovely Lash Company (West Fargo, ND)

Honorable Mention: Blush Salon (Fargo, ND)

Honorable Mention: Enlightened Beauty Salon (Fargo, ND)

To learn more about Team-Based Pay and the Team-Based Business Model...

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