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Service Consistency Defines Your Salon/Spa Brand


In a service business, consistency is beautiful to behold. It's what makes great companies truly great. It's about your salon/spa’s commitment to getting it right not some of the time - but all of the time.

Consistency is also one of those quests worthy of the quote, "Careful what you wish for.”

Going for consistency means that, as a leader, you are prepared to do what others will not.

You are prepared to do whatever it takes and define your salon/spa’s reputation and brand identity.

Consistency is about the execution of work and systems to exact standards. It defines world-class service.

Consistency can only occur when it’s embedded in the thinking and behavior of a company’s culture. Anything less than consistency is a compromise.

But it’s the journey to consistency that most leaders underestimate in terms of the degree of difficulty and time. Consistency is something a company chases for a long time. Only those committed for the long haul stand a chance of catching it.

Here are the seven essential gotta do's to not only chase consistency — but catch and maintain it:

  1. It’s about absolute clarity: To get any service or system consistently right, it must be embedded in the company’s vision and what the company stands for. Consistency is the foundation for excellence. KEY: The very first tenet of No-Compromise Leadership is, “Have absolute clarity where you’re taking the company.” Absolute clarity cannot be misinterpreted. If you’re going to chase consistency, everyone in your salon/spa must see it as a non-negotiable. No compromise.

  2. It's an outcome: If you work out consistently, you will become physically fit. If you follow a diet consistently, you will lose weight. If you consistently practice time management, you will get more done in less time. KEY: Extraordinary customer service is the result of consistently working your customer service systems. Consistency is an outcome that requires discipline, tenacity, and 100% commitment. No Compromise.

  3. It’s incremental: Consistency is not achieved with the push of a button. Consistency takes time — a lot of time. It is the result of finely tuned systems and processes. KEY: Failures lead to breakthroughs. Incremental improvements lead to understanding and refinement. Bad habits are flushed out. Change resisters are weeded out. Momentum improves one win at a time. No compromise.

  4. It's measurable: The beauty of consistency is that everything about it is measurable. (This also applies to things that are consistently inconsistent.) KEY: Productivity, client retention, revenue gains, lower costs, profit, cash reserves, and other critical numbers all move in the right direction when consistency improves. No compromise.

  5. It’s a coordinated, team-based, effort: Individual consistency is one thing — team consistency is where dramatic change occurs. “Everyone is responsible” is at the core of what we teach at Strategies. KEY: Consistency is a team sport where each individual is responsible to carry a piece of the load. No individual is excluded. Everyone plays. Everyone pulls and pushes in the same direction. Everyone wins together or fails together. No compromise.

  6. It’s about pride: Think “ordinary” versus “extraordinary.” Inconsistency feeds frustration, stress, drama, and discontent — especially in a salon/spa. Inconsistency contaminates company cultures and leaves little to celebrate or feel proud about. Consistency on the other hand inspires a company-wide sense of ownership and pride. KEY: Being part of something special is a privilege and something to be honored. Sense of pride solidifies and protects a company’s culture. It also attracts the best talent. No compromise.

  7. It’s why leaders lead: Think about it. The result of leadership is consistency across The Four Business Outcomes: Productivity, Profitability, Staff Retention, and Customer Loyalty. That consistency produces the ability to predict future outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. KEY: When combined, consistency and predictability allow you to accurately map your desired course in each of The Four Business Outcomes. All this adds up to the equivalent of the Holy Grail in business... sustainable quantum-leap growth. No compromise.

Here’s my challenge to you: It’s a brutal fact that you don’t have to look very hard to find inconsistencies that are costing you money and degrading both your performance and your brand.

The question is, how long will you keep looking at the inconsistencies before you engage and fix them?

If you truly want to be a market leader, be crazy profitable, be a model for excellence … and enjoy all the other benefits that come with high levels of consistency … be the leader your company needs you to be.

You can do it — and we can help.


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