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Are You Checking ALL the Salon/Spa Leadership Boxes?


Success in business is about getting stuff done — a lot of stuff.

It’s about reinventing, innovating, and making progress. And it’s about problem-solving as much as it’s about creating profit.

And let’s not forget all of these:

  • Creating and working a business growth plan.

  • Creating, living, and managing a cash-flow plan.

  • Defining, understanding, and driving critical numbers.

  • Building, training, and locking in operational systems.

  • Culture development, refinement, and protection.

  • Employee growth and development systems.

  • Employee evaluations and performance reviews.

  • Skill development and skill certification systems.

  • Written policies and procedures so everyone understands the rules.

  • Front desk/guest services systems that drive productivity and enhance customer service.

  • Scheduling hours based on client demand.

  • Monitoring service prices and adjusting them to maintain profit.

  • Product purchasing and inventory control.

  • Just dealing with all the problems, challenges, and stresses of business ownership.

This list is just the tip of the leadership to-do checklist.

Yes, leaders sure have a lot of boxes to check off. But that’s what you signed on for when you decided to become an owner/leader.

The fact is, not all owners/leaders excel at checking off every box. And that’s not an excuse to justify your list of unchecked boxes.

FACT 1: Just as life is about overcoming challenges and achieving goals, so is business success. You need to put in the effort to achieve the gains and wins.

FACT 2: Succeeding in business is a relentless test of commitment and resolve to achieve your goals. No, it isn’t easy, and it’s not supposed to be easy.

FACT 3: Just when it looks like you’ve got most of your boxes checked, new boxes get added. It’s simply the relentless pace of change reminding you to adjust, innovate, and get better.

Here’s my challenge to you: Take a brutally hard look at all the boxes on your leadership and business to-do list. And do so with the understanding that more boxes should be on your list than you realize.

Kudos to you for checking off those that are completed.

Now, take a wide-eyed look at all the boxes that aren’t checked.

Yes, many of those boxes are the ones you’ve been avoiding. The reason doesn’t matter.

The reality is that every box unchecked creates more drag on your business. Drag creates stress. Drag contaminates your culture. Eventually, drag will grind your business to a halt.

You have a simple choice to make here. You can organize your unchecked boxes in order of priority and commit to a definite timeline to begin checking them off. Or, you can keep procrastinating and allow stress and drag to chip away at the viability of your company.

One last thing. If you keep saying that you don’t have enough time to do the work needed to check off the boxes, it’s because you’re not MAKING the time.

Change your routine. Change your schedule. Make appointments on your calendar to complete tasks and check off boxes.

It’s not that hard once you commit.


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