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It’s Time to Create a Better Future for Your Salon/Spa

Ready to begin creating a better future for your salon/spa? In this blog post, we challenge you snap out of survival mode and into thrival mode. Read More

When You’re Tired of Being Relentless

FIVE things you can do right now regain your leadership mojo and find that relentless leader your salon/spa and your employees need. Read More

One Salon Owner’s Journey from the Fiery Pit of Hell to Giving Back to Those Less Fortunate

In this blog post, we share how Lisa Cochran turned her salon's $700,000+ in debt and back taxes into a profitable — debt free — company, and used that success to help women trying to rebuild their lives with a place to live. She is also a Team-Based Pay salon. Read More

10 Salon/Spa New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

In this blog post, we want to kick the new year off with hope and optimism by giving you our ten very special salon/spa New Year’s resolutions. Read More

How One Salon/Spa Did a Complete Turnaround During the Shutdown

In early 2019, Kayla was running her salon on fear and scarcity. She then decided to convert from commission to Team-Based Pay, and to gain a better understanding of her numbers. Now her teams sees what the company needs to grow, they are getting better at profitability, and are working hard to become debt free. Read More

Inside a Successful Salon/Spa Culture Shift

Completing a culture shift in your salon or spa — and getting it to stick — means changing the collective behaviors of your company. In this blog post, Mary Ann Brooks shares how she made the shift, which helped her to became debt free, offer amazing benefits, and empower her team to work hard to grow the company. Read More

Driving Salon/Spa Client Loyalty in the Days of COVID-19

Strategies definition of Client Loyalty: "The customer satisfaction business outcome is all about delivering extraordinary service, quality and... Read More

Retaining Salon/Spa Employees is an Earned Outcome

When a salon or spa excels at retaining employees, it almost always excels at creating the right culture, systems and accountability, as well. In this blog post, we share the story of staff retention rockstar, Tiffany Lahn, owner of Salon Secrets Spa in Kennett Square, PA, and winner of the 2020 Team-Based Pay Staff Retention Award. Read More

How One Salon Paid Employees During the Shutdown and Stayed Debt-Free

Imagine having the cash reserves to able to shutdown for eight weeks, give your employees full pay, and still reopen debt free. Now…imagine all of your employees working hard to drive your salon’s/spa’s critical numbers. That’s exactly how things work at Shine Hair Color & Design Studio. Here's their story. Read More

What Award Winning Salon/Spa Productivity Looks Like

What happens to a 16-employee spa when it’s leaders are gone for six weeks and it needs to reopen after the shutdown? Here is the story of how Natural Remedies Spa’s team rose to the challenge to not only reopen — but continue it’s rockstar productivity performance. Read More

Thirty Hair — Doing it Right

Salon Owner Spotlight: Sarah McGee Mariman, owner of Thirty Hair in Columbia, MD, and winner of the 2020 Team-Based Pay Business of the Year Award. In 2014, Sarah’s first salon filed for bankruptcy and closed. A few months later she opened Thirty Hair, and for the last six years has hit goal 84% of the time, and has grown 30% in each of the past two years. Now in 2020, Thirty Hair is in its best financial shape ever, and just signed a lease for a much-needed expansion — with funding for the buildout coming out of cash reserves. Read More