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When Your Salon/Spa Leadership Mojo Works Against You — And What to do About it


This is going to get deep fast, so here we go. Salon/spa leadership is a concoction of vision, ambition, perseverance, accountability, inspiration, emotions, and — without question — some fear and trepidation.

We’ll just call this concoction, your leadership mojo.

This mojo concoction is unique for every leader. It’s in a state of constant flux stirred by the ever-changing nature of business.

Simply put, it's your leadership mojo that keeps your business in a constant state of flux.

Are you still with me?

Mix in some visionary thinking and a world of infinite possibilities reveals itself.

Visionary mode gets a leader’s creative juices flowing. A dialed-in leadership mojo can lift a struggling company out of the fiery pit of hell, or it can lift a successful company to that elusive next level.

In contrast, when fear and trepidation oversaturate your mojo, a company begins to destroy itself from within. It can't move forward, so it begins to slide into the unknown until the leadership mojo mixture is adjusted.

Are you still with me?

The good news is that you are in control of your leadership mojo.

The bad news is that most leaders don't know how to effectively control it.

Here are four very powerful strategies to control your leadership mojo in ways that produce dynamic growth:

  1. Take a taste: Right now, this very instant, what does your leadership mixture taste like? If it doesn't taste good to you, then it doesn’t taste good to those you lead. And if you're doing the "why can't people just do their jobs" thing, it's your leadership mixture that needs adjusting - not everyone else's. So go on, take another heaping spoonful - and don't you dare spit it out. Swallow it. If it makes you sick, then it's making your company sick too.

  2. Analyze it: What are the predominant ingredients driving your leadership thinking and behavior? Too much of any one ingredient for too long can do serious damage to a company. If your leadership mixture is dominated by too much visionary thinking, chances are nothing is getting done. Vision is pointless without execution. Too much accountability without enough inspiration can demoralize an otherwise dynamic group of people. Find the predominant ingredients in your leadership mixture and you'll find what drives your company's growth, what's holding it back, or what's killing it.

  3. Adjust it: If your leadership mixture didn't taste good and it's dominated by too much of what it doesn't need right now, adjust the mixture. If fear and trepidation dominate, you probably need to add a healthy dose of vision and innovation to reveal new possibilities. Maybe you need to add a dose of reality to shock you into taking action - like a heart attack gets a smoker to quit. The key here is the willingness to adjust your leadership mixture to match what your company needs right now.

  4. Keep tasting and adjusting: As I wrote earlier, your leadership mixture is in a state of flux. You have the ability to control it. Keep adjusting and fine-tuning. When you get it just right, savor it. But to keep it perfect, your leadership mixture will need perpetual adjusting.

Here’s my challenge to you: True no-compromise leaders take responsibility for and control of their leadership mojo.

They work at keeping it just a bit ahead of where their companies need to go. And they are forever aware that it is their leadership mojo that influences their company's ability to achieve the extraordinary.

Give the four strategies a try and see if your leadership mojo is dialed in for growth. If not, it’s time to adjust the mixture and get back in the game.


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