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Consequences Don’t Fix Missing or Broken Salon/Spa Systems


Of course, you want, and expect, great performance from your team.

You want great customer service, inspiring teamwork, high productivity rates, impressive first and existing client retention rates, consistent prebooking, robust retail sales, and much more.

You also want the right behaviors, attendance, showing up on time, and adherence to the fundamental rules that provide structure and predictability to your company.

To achieve great performance, owners utilize the tools in their leadership toolbox. It’s in that toolbox where the challenges, misfires, and disfunction materialize.

You see, the best leadership toolboxes are chock full of systems, each one designed to achieve desired and specific outcomes.

And that brings us to the quest to find “the best consequences” for the performance and behaviors you don’t want in your salon/spa.

FACT #1: Consequences create an “I’ll do just enough to get by” mentality. Simply put, the outcome of consequences is mediocre performance.

FACT #2: Consequences do not inspire employees or a team to play hard and win.

Your employee handbook should define the rules for your salon/spa, such as attendance, lateness, dress code, probationary periods, acceptable behavior, etc.. Rule violations can and should have consequences.

But to grow a successful salon/spa, you need systems to create the right outcomes. For example, to drive prebook rates, you need a procedural system detailing the steps to complete a prebook.

If you want first-time and existing client consultations performed to a specific standard, you need a well-designed system.

Systems define the processes, behavior, and performance that creates consistency and growth.

In contrast, consequences are a slap on the hand for doing the unacceptable.

  • Consequences don’t build dynamic cultures. In fact, if overly used, they’ll degrade your culture.

  • Consequences don’t inspire above and beyond performance.

As we always say at Strategies, “If you don’t like the results you’re getting, change or tweak the system.”

Here’s my challenge to you: Look at what’s in your leadership toolbox. Is it full of systems designed to create the outcomes you want and desire?

Or is there an overabundance of consequences?

Lastly, systems require careful design, training, coaching, and most of all, leadership.

Consequences will never replace engaged leadership.

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