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When You Want It Bad Enough


Everything changes when you want it bad enough. It doesn't matter if it's advancing in your career, starting and growing your own business, achieving a once unthinkable goal, or mastering new skills and abilities.

When you want it bad enough, it exists with absolute clarity in your mind. When you want it bad enough, the path reveals itself.

And when the path is uncertain or brutally challenging, you push forward because lowering your expectations and quitting is not an option.

When you want it bad enough, you do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Here are some No-Compromise Leadership insights on what happens when you want it bad enough:

  • Purpose driven: Everything you do has a singular purpose to move you closer to what you want. Because you are purpose driven, you filter out what doesn’t belong and focus on the work, tasks and endeavors that make you better. Your selectivity keeps you on a more direct course. You live by the rule that if it doesn’t fit what you want or what you want to become - don’t waste time on it.
  • It’s vividly evident: When you want it bad enough, your determination and commitment to your goal is vividly evident to those around you. It’s clear that you’re not dabbling, just hanging out or satisfied with where you are. Your focus, determination and seriousness is something you wear proudly every day ... so much so that it earns the respect of those around you. Simply put, you are a strength to be reckoned with. You get results. You get noticed. You get recognized. You get rewarded. You make progress.

  • The leader inside: No-compromise leaders embody the vision of a company. When you want it bad enough, you are forging new ground. You are taking the lead. You become a natural leader that others what to follow. More importantly, your followers will stand by you when the going gets tough. They believe in you because you believe steadfastly in yourself and what you want.
  • Success is not a solo act: For you, it’s not just about getting what you want. Why? Because rarely, if ever, can you get what you want by doing it yourself. You need mentors. You need a support network. In a company, you need a dedicated leadership team and employees that want to be part of something special. If you win ... everyone wins. If you win ... you make it their win too.
  • Tough decisions don’t linger: When you want it bad enough and hit a roadblock, you know it’s time to make the tough decisions. Those that don’t want it bad enough keep staring and obsessing over the roadblock - or simply pretend it isn’t there. They remain stuck in indecision until things get really bad and they finally throw in the towel. What they feared most they allowed to happen. When you want it bad enough, you assess the situation, measure your options and make the tough decisions - even if those decisions are unpopular and require sacrifice. When you want it bad enough ... you do your job.
  • You are not infallible: No matter how bad you want it, you are fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You will make mistakes, but you will own them and learn from them. You will get too wrapped up in your quest and forget just how much others depend on you for support. You will charge off into the unknown without thinking it through and smack into a wall. You forget to acknowledge and show appreciation for the great work others do. You will hold on to control and stifle team members when letting go of control is the prerequisite to empowering others. When you accept that you are not infallible, you will learn and grow ... and achieve what you want.

Here's my challenge to you: Take a few hours of alone time to reconnect with your business ownership journey. Turn off your phone. No computer. No distractions.

Here are some thought questions to get you creative juices flowing:

  • Are you where you want to be?
  • What needs to change in your approach to leadership?
  • What ignites your passion for business?
  • What's that infamous next level for you and your business?
  • What awesome opportunities can you create for employees?

When you want it bad enough, the path reveals itself.

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