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An entrepreneur's story of courage

Kristin Stutz is a business owner in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. She's been a client of mine for many years and is a graduate of our Certified... Read More

Tick tock, tick tock: What are you doing different today?

Remember the opening scene from the movie Cast Away? Tom Hanks' character is teaching the Moscow FedEx office about the urgency of time. With... Read More

So, you want to take your business to the next level?

Here's one of my favorite questions to ask seminar audiences: "How many here want to take their business to the next level?" As if shot... Read More

Passion and heart drive the numbers you want

The numbers of your business measure its performance and efficiency. The numbers measure the collective determination of the team you lead to not only... Read More

How long do you wait until you fire someone?

I'm asked this question more times than I care to remember. It usually surfaces when a leader's frustration with an employee's... Read More

Stop standing in your own way!

Most often, your most intelligent business advisor is that little voice inside your head. It's that little voice telling you it's time to... Read More

Farewell to a decade of lessons

This New Year's Eve marks more than the end of a tumultuous year for the economy and for business - it marks the end of the first decade of the... Read More

It's hard to grow dragging yesterday's debt

Debt is easy to accumulate. The simple act of turning on a light creates debt to your power company. When you purchase products to sell or materials... Read More

What don't you want following you in 2010?

Congratulations! You survived 2009. Without question, 2009 was a scary and challenging year. Other than the government, everyone put a lid on spending... Read More

It's about delivering on your promise to your customer

Seems the recent full moon has been bringing out those annoying behaviors that drive leaders crazy. I'm talking about things like lateness,... Read More

A Year of No-Compromise Leadership

It's hard to believe that it's been one year since my book, No-Compromise Leadership, was released. From the pride I felt the first time I... Read More