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No-compromise decisions are the toughest for a reason

Leaders make decisions all day long. It's simply a requirement of the job. Much of that decision-making occurs naturally and continuously without... Read More

When great performance masks compromise

During a seminar on staff retention, the discussion focused on how to address performance and/or behavior issues with top employees. I could quickly... Read More

Are double standards… your standard?

Double standards communicate that there are "entitlement" rules and acceptable behaviors for some while others must adhere to more rigid... Read More

What are You Building?

Stop what you're doing for a few minutes.Stop thinking about what your day is going to look like, what you need to accomplish, and what... Read More

These days... it's great to be a leader

What a great time it is to be a leader. We're in a recession. Money and cash flow is on everyone's mind. Employees are nervous. The stock... Read More

What's on your "compromise" list?

Every leader has one. It's that list of leadership projects, tasks and responsibilities that you prefer to avoid, ignore or bestow with your... Read More

Your "passion" for business and leadership will see you through

There is a dividing line that separates leaders from no-compromise leaders. On one side, "leader" is something that describes a title or... Read More

Dictatorial & Inflexible vs Determined & Resolute

I just completed teaching a "No-Compromise Leadership Boot Camp" course. While discussing leadership blockages (those situations and... Read More

What's not being said at performance reviews?

What's not being saidduring performance reviews?One of my favorite Neilisms is, "Do you do quarterly performance reviews at least once a... Read More

No compromise decisions are now in play

I've been traveling a lot lately and talking to leaders across the U.S. and Canada. The trend is clear; leaders are rising to the occasion and... Read More

The wonderful and wacky world of online social networking

Since my new book, No-Compromise Leadership, was released last October, I've been actively engaged in a number of social networking websites.... Read More