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Lions and tigers and bears – Oh my!

What are you afraid of? How do I know you’re afraid? It’s because I know how entrepreneurs and leaders get stuck when confronted with tough decisions.... Read More

Are you indispensible?

Playing to be indispensable is a choice you make. “One-hundred percent commitment is a breeze, 99 percent is a bitch. If you’re 100-percent committed,... Read More

Communicating without words

You're really engrossed in your work and an employee interrupts and asks, "You have a minute?" You look away from your work, make eye... Read More

The importance of emptying your bucket

I had a conversation last week with a business owner and long-time Strategies customer. She called to share her voyage during the past few years. She... Read More

What's your hang time?

You knew it was time to change some things in your business. In fact, you have known this for quite some time. You researched and studied until you... Read More

The 'bottom line' to growing 'top line'

The one question being asked by every business leader is, “What can I do to grow the top line?” It’s not just the question that’s important; it’s the... Read More

You can’t dance with the elephant in your business

It’s time to acknowledge that there is an elephant in your business. More importantly, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to dance with that... Read More

Random success stories and thoughts for these crazy times

I was in San Francisco recently to lead a Strategies Incubator. Attendees at the intense four-day seminar for the beauty industry ranged from... Read More

The Recession: No, it's not over!

This Monday Morning Wake-Up is just that - a wake up. For months economists have been stating that the recession has bottomed out. Yes, there have... Read More

Do you have “deer-in-the-headlights” syndrome?

Without question, these are challenging times for everyone in business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an owner, manager or employee; it takes more... Read More

Respect your investment

To be an entrepreneur means that you are willing to bet the ranch on your vision. You are betting on your abilities to create, lead and grow a viable... Read More