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Ten tips for business survival in these crazy times

There is only one word that accurately describes doing business in today's economy. That word is "unforgiving." The competition is... Read More

ACCOUNTABILITY: If it's what you need, why do you avoid it?

One of the core tenets of no-compromise leadership is, "if it needs to get done - get it done." It's truly a simple concept that cannot... Read More

Do you have absolute clarity on where you're taking your company?

No-compromise leaders must be grounded in their understanding of where they are taking the company. Absolute clarity ensures that the company... Read More

What are you going to do about it?

Let's face it, there's stuff going on in your business that's getting in the way of growth - possibly even doing severe damage. You... Read More

How to deal with difficult employees

There's no escaping it. As a leader you will have to deal with difficult employees. By "difficult," I'm referring to the myriad of... Read More

What does "GOING NO COMPROMISE" really mean?

questioning 1In my travels promoting and doing keynotes for my No-Compromise Leadership book, the one comment I hear most from attendees is,... Read More

Creating the culture you want has a cost

Doing a culture shift to no compromise is not only a worthy undertaking; it's a non-negotiable requirement for success in these economic times.... Read More

The recession storm passes

Like every major hurricane that slowly and methodically unleashes its devastation on everything in its path, the recession of 2008 and 2009 is... Read More

When "not good enough" becomes the norm

Every business has imbedded patterns of behavior that interfere with performance, quality and growth. And yes, these patterns of behavior often cause... Read More

Overcoming leadership stress

Along with leading a company through these challenging economic times comes stress. Stress from driving sales. Stress from managing expenses. Stress... Read More

The wonderful, whacky world of "pitching" the media

As I write this Monday Morning Wake-Up, I'm in New York City attending the National Publicity Summit. This is a venue for authors to receive... Read More