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Are you taking your long-term employees for granted?

The passing of time does interesting things to long-term relationships. A comfort level settles in as both you and the employee get to know and... Read More

The Economy: Managing Pay Expectations

One of the highly sensitive and emotional challenges of working through this economic recession is dealing with the stress associated with managing... Read More

"THEY" is not on your payroll

Who exactly is THEY? Ponder the number of times in a day that THEY is identified as the individual that must do it, should do it, should have done it,... Read More

Is "No-Compromise" the new American keyword?

As we move into a new administration with hopes high for positive change, Americans are paying the hefty price of leadership compromise - by our... Read More

Critical Time for Critical Numbers

Every salon/spa leader needs to be on his or her game in today's business environment. Here are some get-it-done strategies to use critical numbers to play your best game Read More

You need to hear it and they're afraid to tell you

The usual conversation among leaders is about needed conversations with employees regarding behavior and performance issues. And for those... Read More

What's tolerable in good times is intolerable in bad

As we begin 2009, there are some new absolutes being thrown into the mix. First, 2009 is going be an economic rollercoaster ride as the realities of... Read More

10 No-Compromise New Year's Resolutions

As we approach the end of the year, it's a great time to re-evaluate where you've been for the past year and where and what you want your... Read More

Doesn't want to mess up her "8"

I recently spent a day with a business owner who needed some help getting her business "unstuck." All things considered, this was a... Read More

Recession throws open the window for change

In recent months I've been referring to the recession as a new and more complicated jigsaw puzzle that leaders need to figure out - and just to... Read More

In these crazy times, there is "More Than Money"

It was July 2006 and I was just leaving my office to catch a flight. Wanting a book to read on the flight, I reach for True to Yourself: Leading a... Read More