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Giving it all you've got!

It was a cold December night that I asked Bruce Hourigan, Strategies vice president of business development, to attend a special meeting with me in a... Read More

After the recession, ask the right questions now!

The question most often asked during a recession is: When will it end? It's the natural tendency for a return to normal - to business as usual.... Read More

Entitlement behavior is pure compromise

This may be one painful "wake-up" because I'm going to give a culture contaminating behavior that exists in your business a full... Read More

Is your approach to "empowerment" a setup?

"Empowerment" is one of those overused terms that achieved pre-eminent status in the world of business jargon. Without question, every... Read More

Present a "State of Your Company" address

Every January, the president of the United States does a State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. The address not only reports on... Read More

Is Your "Information Flow" Really a Drip?

Right now, this very moment, how many of your employees know exactly what the immediate and most critical objectives are for your business? How many... Read More

Can you really implement change?

Companies are like people; they develop habits and patterns of behavior that impede productivity, slow growth and create useless drama. And just like... Read More

Ten tips for business survival in these crazy times

There is only one word that accurately describes doing business in today's economy. That word is "unforgiving." The competition is... Read More

ACCOUNTABILITY: If it's what you need, why do you avoid it?

One of the core tenets of no-compromise leadership is, "if it needs to get done - get it done." It's truly a simple concept that cannot... Read More

Do you have absolute clarity on where you're taking your company?

No-compromise leaders must be grounded in their understanding of where they are taking the company. Absolute clarity ensures that the company... Read More

What are you going to do about it?

Let's face it, there's stuff going on in your business that's getting in the way of growth - possibly even doing severe damage. You... Read More