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When long-time top performers drop

It's a reality that every leader must face. Top performers are those exceptional employees that get the work done. They're self-starters.... Read More

Leadership and creating great sculptures

Imagine taking a massive block of granite and turning it into a magnificent sculpture for all to admire. For hours you stand and stare at that granite... Read More

Countdown to December 31, 2009

2009 will be remembered as the year the rules of business changed. The year began with the economy in the throes of the worst global recession on... Read More

INDIFFERENCE: When "I don't care" infects your company

Every company suffers from indifference. Without question, it is the single most toxic behavior that wreaks havoc on company cultures and performance.... Read More

LEADERSHIP: To be everything (including what you're not)

If you had to describe what your role as a leader is, what would you say? What's interesting about this question is that every leader will offer... Read More

Business is really about connecting with customers

"A place where everybody knows your name." That's the famous line from the TV show Cheers. Every time Norm entered the bar, in unison,... Read More

Is it time to take back control of your company?

Companies evolve. At any given time there are forces at work that influence the speed, performance and direction of your company - not to mention your... Read More

What does "working on your business" really mean?

"Are you working on your business, or in your business?" This working "on or in" your business statement has been bandied around... Read More

When broken commitments compromise trust

If you're in leadership, there is no avoiding the quagmire that results from broken commitments. I'll get the easy part of this discussion... Read More

A long walk in the right direction

A few days ago, I did a No-Compromise Leadership talk for a Chicago area Chamber of Commerce. The group was a mix of entrepreneurs and executives.... Read More

Employee Challenges: When do they end?

While discussing leadership responses to employee challenges at a recent Strategies seminar, a business owner asked, "When does it end?" The... Read More