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When You’re Tired of Being Relentless

I get it. The realities of 2020 didn’t end on New Year’s Eve.

I get how stressful it is to own and lead a salon/spa company through these challenging and unprecedented times.

Last Spring and Summer required that you channel every ounce of your energy and focus on getting your salon/spa through this pandemic.

And here we are in 2021. The pandemic is worsening. The economy is still sputtering. Salons and spas in California, and other hot spots, are ordered closed.

Thankfully, second round PPP loans are happening. Money isn’t a cure, but money buys time and helps owners and employees sleep a little better at night.

More thankfully, the end of this horrific pandemic is on the horizon. Hopefully it will be over by the end of 2021.

So, what does all this mean?

It means that no matter how tired you are, how frustrated you are, or how beat up you feel, you are still the leader of your company. It is the job you signed up for. And it is your employees that need your leadership.

I too am a leader and owner of a company. I know all about financial stress and sleepless nights. I know how vital it is to make the tough decisions capable of overcoming tough situations.

More importantly, after over 27 years of owning and leading a salon/spa coaching company, I understand why leaders must be relentless.

Being relentless not only drives a business forward, it’s what pushes it through tough times. And as we are well aware, these are the most unprecedented tough times we’re in.

This pandemic is like running a marathon where the finish line keeps moving further away. Owners that embraced systems, structure, culture building, financial controls, building cash reserves and more, didn’t realize they were training to a business survival marathon. Sadly, owners that didn’t “train” well, or at all, entered the pandemic severely unprepared.

So, if you’re tired of being relentless, here are five key things you can do right now:

  1. What’s working well? Hey, pat yourself on the back for making it this far. On a scale of one (fiery pit of hell) to ten (super awesome), rank where your business is, in relation to the Four Business Outcomes we teach at Strategies: Productivity, Profitability, Staff Retention and Customer Loyalty. KEY: You must be brutally honest in your ranking.

  2. What’s not working and must be fixed? Now that you’ve ranked where your company is, with respect to the Four Business Outcomes, you can now identify which outcomes needs the most fixing. KEY: Fix what needs the most fixing first.

  3. What’s your BHAG for 2021? Why the hell not have a “big hairy audacious goal” to shoot for in 2021? Surviving is preventing things from getting worse. A BHAG is about striving to achieve something awesome. KEY: If you achieve your BHAG, that’s awesome. If you come in a little short, you’ll be far beyond where you’d be being stuck in survival mode.

  4. What’s your “absolutely clarity” plan? You’re the leader of your company. You can’t inspire and rally your team if you don’t deliver absolute clarity on what the objective is and how to get there. KEY: Relentless information flow is the only way to achieve absolute clarity.

  5. What’s your commitment to be 100% relentless? No one wants to follow a leader that’s 80% or 90% committed to the cause. KEY: Anything less than 100% commitment casts doubt and makes quitting a viable option.

Here’s my challenge to you: To finish a marathon, you must pace yourself. Being relentless doesn’t mean going all out 24/7/365. It means pushing forward to gain ground, then backing off a bit to settle in and recharge.

Being relentless also means developing your business and leadership skills. That’s why a business coach is so vital to not only keep you on task, but to help you problem solve and reinforce systems to achieve the right outcomes.

Strategies is here to help with proven systems that get awesome results. Click here for a free coaching session and see how we can help keep you relentless.


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