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Driving Salon/Spa Client Loyalty in the Days of COVID-19

Strategies definition of Client Loyalty: "The customer satisfaction business outcome is all about delivering extraordinary service, quality and... Read More

Retaining Salon/Spa Employees is an Earned Outcome

When a salon or spa excels at retaining employees, it almost always excels at creating the right culture, systems and accountability, as well. In this blog post, we share the story of staff retention rockstar, Tiffany Lahn, owner of Salon Secrets Spa in Kennett Square, PA, and winner of the 2020 Team-Based Pay Staff Retention Award. Read More

How One Salon Paid Employees During the Shutdown and Stayed Debt-Free

Imagine having the cash reserves to able to shutdown for eight weeks, give your employees full pay, and still reopen debt free. Now…imagine all of your employees working hard to drive your salon’s/spa’s critical numbers. That’s exactly how things work at Shine Hair Color & Design Studio. Here's their story. Read More

What Award Winning Salon/Spa Productivity Looks Like

What happens to a 16-employee spa when it’s leaders are gone for six weeks and it needs to reopen after the shutdown? Here is the story of how Natural Remedies Spa’s team rose to the challenge to not only reopen — but continue it’s rockstar productivity performance. Read More

Thirty Hair — Doing it Right

Salon Owner Spotlight: Sarah McGee Mariman, owner of Thirty Hair in Columbia, MD, and winner of the 2020 Team-Based Pay Business of the Year Award. In 2014, Sarah’s first salon filed for bankruptcy and closed. A few months later she opened Thirty Hair, and for the last six years has hit goal 84% of the time, and has grown 30% in each of the past two years. Now in 2020, Thirty Hair is in its best financial shape ever, and just signed a lease for a much-needed expansion — with funding for the buildout coming out of cash reserves. Read More

2020 Team-Based Pay Awards Winners

Here they are!!! We're happy to celebrate and honor the 8 salons, spas & medspas that exhibited superior performance and financial successes in 2020 using Strategies Team-Based Pay compensation program. Read More

Need to Get Busy? Start Calling Clients

If your salon/spa's productivity is 70% or less, you have plenty of hours available to make phone calls to clients. Here is how one owner is calling clients to increase productity and fill up the appointment book. Read More

URGENT: Your Salon/Spa Needs Your Leadership Now

With such a high level of economic uncertainty as we enter the Holiday Season and winter months, salon, spa and medspa owners must be on their “whatever it takes” leadership game. Here are six strategies to get and stay on your “whatever it takes” leadership game. Read More

How to Deal with Problem Salon/Spa Employees

If you own an employee-based salon or spa, you will have to deal with problem employees. Here are six strategies to effectively deal with problem employees — and to minimize their occurrence. Read More

Pricing Salon/Spa Services by the Hour — Not Price

Salons and spas have struggled with pricing pretty much forever — especially when it’s time to raise prices. In this blog post, we give you the why, what and how to begin pricing your services by the hour, or fraction of an hour. Read More

Projecting Salon/Spa Revenue in Uncertain Times

In this blog post, we take the mystery out of projecting monthly salon/spa service and retail sales. We give you three simple projecting rules to follow. And, we give you the FOUR key variables and how to adjust them to fit your unique situation. Read More