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2020 Team-Based Pay Awards Winners

Here they are!!! We're happy to celebrate and honor the 8 salons, spas & medspas that exhibited superior performance and financial successes in 2020 using Strategies Team-Based Pay compensation program. Read More

Need to Get Busy? Start Calling Clients

If your salon/spa's productivity is 70% or less, you have plenty of hours available to make phone calls to clients. Here is how one owner is calling clients to increase productity and fill up the appointment book. Read More

URGENT: Your Salon/Spa Needs Your Leadership Now

With such a high level of economic uncertainty as we enter the Holiday Season and winter months, salon, spa and medspa owners must be on their “whatever it takes” leadership game. Here are six strategies to get and stay on your “whatever it takes” leadership game. Read More

How to Deal with Problem Salon/Spa Employees

If you own an employee-based salon or spa, you will have to deal with problem employees. Here are six strategies to effectively deal with problem employees — and to minimize their occurrence. Read More

Pricing Salon/Spa Services by the Hour — Not Price

Salons and spas have struggled with pricing pretty much forever — especially when it’s time to raise prices. In this blog post, we give you the why, what and how to begin pricing your services by the hour, or fraction of an hour. Read More

Projecting Salon/Spa Revenue in Uncertain Times

In this blog post, we take the mystery out of projecting monthly salon/spa service and retail sales. We give you three simple projecting rules to follow. And, we give you the FOUR key variables and how to adjust them to fit your unique situation. Read More

Ten Characteristics of an Awesome Front Desk/Guest Services Employee

They used to be called “receptionists.”Smile. Be pleasant. Answer the phone. Book appointments. Check clients in and out. What could be easier?FACT:... Read More

Your Salon/Spa — Where to Go From Here?

In this blog post, we discuss the THREE likely scenarios salons and spas are into — and offer our recommendations on what to do next. Read More

Why Numbers Are the Wrong Thing to Focus On

Here are four simple changes you can make to energize your team while achieving the numbers your salon/spa is shooting for. Read More

27 Years of Making a Difference

On September 13, 1993, I moved into a first-floor office at 40 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT. All I had was some office furniture, a few Mac computers, and a ton of determination to make a difference in the industry I love and have served since 1970. Read More

Being a Salon/Spa Owner is Still One Hell of an Opportunity

Business isn’t all about money, critical numbers, and productivity. Business is about people and building something special to share with other likeminded individuals. In this blog post, we share insights on those very special aspects that make you proud to be an owner. Read More