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Ten Characteristics of an Awesome Front Desk/Guest Services Employee

They used to be called “receptionists.”Smile. Be pleasant. Answer the phone. Book appointments. Check clients in and out. What could be easier?FACT:... Read More

Your Salon/Spa — Where to Go From Here?

In this blog post, we discuss the THREE likely scenarios salons and spas are into — and offer our recommendations on what to do next. Read More

Why Numbers Are the Wrong Thing to Focus On

Here are four simple changes you can make to energize your team while achieving the numbers your salon/spa is shooting for. Read More

27 Years of Making a Difference

On September 13, 1993, I moved into a first-floor office at 40 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT. All I had was some office furniture, a few Mac computers, and a ton of determination to make a difference in the industry I love and have served since 1970. Read More

Being a Salon/Spa Owner is Still One Hell of an Opportunity

Business isn’t all about money, critical numbers, and productivity. Business is about people and building something special to share with other likeminded individuals. In this blog post, we share insights on those very special aspects that make you proud to be an owner. Read More

Five Ways to Outsmart Today’s Business Unknowns

The only way to get your salon/spa through this pandemic is to be aggressive, systematized, coordinated, consistent, and relentless. Here are five rock-solid ways to outsmart the onslaught of unknowns and get your business safely through this pandemic Read More

Ten Leadership Must-Do’s to Survive the Pandemic

These are challenging times for all salon/spa owners. That’s why the inspiration to keep pushing forward is so badly needed. Here are 10 leadership must-do’s that all owners need to practice consistently. Read More

A Message for Salon/Spa Owners in These Crazy Times

It’s hard to believe that just five months ago, it was business as usual. The problems you faced back then pale in comparison to what you’ve... Read More

When Employees Choose Potential Exposure to COVID-19

Here are some insights on what you can do as a salon/spa owner when an employee chooses to be in a situation that increases his or her chances of COVID-19 infection — and the potential to spread that infection to fellow employees, and clients. Read More

How to Survive This Pandemic — NO MISSED OPPORTUNITIES

Every missed revenue opportunity today adds to tomorrow’s financial uncertainty. In this blog post, we identify six of the most costly missed opportunities — and what to do about it. Read More

What are Your COVID-19 “Out Sick/Can’t Work” Policies?

With COVID-19 surging in many states, it is essential to prepare written policies in to avoid any ambiguity, misinterpretation or employee hurt feelings. Here are some recommendations to help you address COVID-19 related sick and time off situations in your salon/spa. None are etched in stone. Use what works in your company. Read More