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A Message for Salon/Spa Owners in These Crazy Times

It’s hard to believe that just five months ago, it was business as usual. The problems you faced back then pale in comparison to what you’ve... Read More

When Employees Choose Potential Exposure to COVID-19

Here are some insights on what you can do as a salon/spa owner when an employee chooses to be in a situation that increases his or her chances of COVID-19 infection — and the potential to spread that infection to fellow employees, and clients. Read More

How to Survive This Pandemic — NO MISSED OPPORTUNITIES

Every missed revenue opportunity today adds to tomorrow’s financial uncertainty. In this blog post, we identify six of the most costly missed opportunities — and what to do about it. Read More

What are Your COVID-19 “Out Sick/Can’t Work” Policies?

With COVID-19 surging in many states, it is essential to prepare written policies in to avoid any ambiguity, misinterpretation or employee hurt feelings. Here are some recommendations to help you address COVID-19 related sick and time off situations in your salon/spa. None are etched in stone. Use what works in your company. Read More

Six Strategies to Address Client Covid Fears, Cancellations & No Shows

If you’ve had enough of the last-minute cancellations and no shows in your salon/spa — you need to take decisive action. Here are six strategies you can use to reduce the number of last-minute cancellations and no shows. Read More

COVID-19: Why Salon/Spa Owners Need to be Ready for Anything

If this pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the more prepared your business is, the better its chances of surviving a crisis — up to and including another shutdown. To ensure your salon/spa can survive whatever challenges COVID-19 can throw in its way, we've put together this list of six "what-ifs" to consider. Read More

Salon/Spa Ownership is About Making a Difference

There is something more to owning and building a salon/spa business than making money. It's about making a difference in the lives of others. Here are six straight-forward prerequisites to lead a salon/spa that makes a difference. Read More

A Salon/Spa Owner’s Checklist for 30-45 Days After Reopening

This 28-point checklist that may be the most important game plan your salon/spa will need to succeed in the post COVID-19 era. Read More

Six Steps to Manage Salon/Spa Employee Reopening Stress

As salon/spas reopen, owners and employees are working under extreme pressure to accommodate high client demand for services. Here's a six-step process for using one-on-one meetings to relieve employee stress. Read More

Six Ways to Control & Increase Salon/Spa Cash Flow

There is no reason why salons and spas can’t build three plus months of cash reserves. In this blog post, we give you an essential six-step strategy to get take control of your cash flow and eliminate debt and financial stress. Read More

Coping with Reopening, Delays & Setbacks in the Salon/Spa

Here are six strategies to help you effectively respond to the fast-changing situations that may arise during reopening, delays & setbacks. Read More