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It’s Time to Create a Better Future for Your Salon/Spa


Since the start of the pandemic, many salon/spa owners have been stuck in survival mode.

Sadly, many were stuck in survival mode long before COVID-19.

When stuck in survival mode, it’s impossible to build the company you want.


Because all forward progress ceases. And when a business hunkers down for too long, the destabilizing backslide begins. 

Yes, everyone wants to get to the other side of this pandemic. The challenge is that many salons/spas, and independents, will not emerge in a competitive state.


Because shifting from survival mode to thrival mode is a process.

FACT: The time to get out of survival mode is NOW!

For owners and leaders, creating a better future begins with a spark. 

That spark ignites when that little voice in your head says, “Hey, enough of this survival mode. It’s time to think BIG again. It’s time to create a better future.”

But listening to that little voice in your head is one thing. Taking action is where the recovery begins. Taking action is when true progress begins. 

Today, right now, you have a defining choice to make as an owner and leader.

  1. Wait until the pandemic is over, the economy recovers, and then begin tiptoeing forward. 

  2. Ignite your leadership spark. Set your sights on a BIG and bold goal. Seize the moment. Charge forward.

Why is number two the best and only choice for owners to make?

The answer is simple. You’re in business to grow, create profit, create career growth opportunities for employees, and to build value to your brand. You can’t do any of these things in survival mode

Without a doubt, the past 10+ months have been stressful and tough. But this pandemic is going to end. The economic recovery is going to happen.

FACT 1: Hope is not a strategy. 

FACT 2: Success will not happen without doing the hard work. 

Here’s my challenge to you: The time is NOW to get back to the business of growing your business. 

  • It’s time to build not only for tomorrow — but for the future. 

  • It’s time to get aggressive. 

  • It’s time to get your innovative juices flowing. 

  • It’s time to strike while your competition is hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass. 

  • It’s time to be the No-Compromise Leader that your business and your employees need NOW. 

  • It’s time to rally your team. 

  • It’s time to ignite that spark to a better future.

If you need help to ignite your spark, we’ve been helping salons and spas get and stay in thrival mode for over 27 years. 

If you’d like help in getting your plan together, sign up for a complimentary coaching call here.


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