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Imagine Your Salon/Spa Running at Full Potential


To have your salon/spa running at full potential is every owner’s dream.

Running at full potential means:

  • Your company-wide productivity rate averages 85%.

  • High first-time and existing client retention rates.

  • Everyone working within time standards.

  • Systems make your business consistent and predictable.

  • Every client receives a personalized retail recommendation.

  • Hitting service and retail goals damn near every month.

  • Your culture is dialed in and all staff are on the same page.

  • Cash flow is excellent with three-plus months of cash reserve.

  • No, or very little, debt.

  • Monthly net profit makes you proud of what you built.

  • Your company is meeting or exceeding growth goals.

  • You sleep good at night.

You get the picture. Running at full potential is a wonderful and enviable place to be.

As an entrepreneur, you also know that no matter how dialed in your business is, you see where it misses the mark. Where performance, behaviors, and execution could be better.

It’s frustrating as heck — but that’s how most owner brains are wired. We see all our company’s misses and imperfections.

And then there are those owners that just can’t seem to get their salons/spas past the challenges that make ownership anything but fun and fulfilling.

To understand what it truly takes to get your salon/spa running at full potential, you must look inward at yourself and what makes you tick as a leader.

Why must you look inward? Because your salon/spa cannot achieve its full potential if you are not committed to achieving your full potential.

There is only one question to ask yourself.

Are you 100% committed to achieving the success you want?

In his book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Jack Canfield talks about a concept he calls, “99% is a bitch, 100% is a breeze.”

Canfield explains, “I brush my teeth every day; I have a 100%
commitment to dental health. I don’t have to think about it. It’s a done deal. If I commit 99%, almost every day I have to re-decide.”

Having coached salon/spa owners for the better part of 50 years, I’ve seen what a profound impact a 100% commitment can have on the performance of a business.

Likewise, I’ve seen how a 99% or less commitment can cause a business to spring leaks and get in its own way.

I remember when I first thought of writing my No-Compromise
Leadership book. I purposely set a high bar for the book. I was 100% committed to sitting down and pounding out what I hoped would be a great book on leadership.

I started writing and the more I wrote, the harder it got. At 68,078 words, that 100% commitment hit a wall and, admittedly, it dropped to 99% and kept falling.

I kept that unfinished manuscript on my desk for a long time. Every day, it reminded me that to finish my book, I had to recommit 100% to getting it done.

It took a bout of depression to finally understand that no matter how hard I perceived it to be, I had to finish what I started. I had to finish that book.

Once I recommitted 100%, the words started to flow. I finished the book, found a publisher, and within six months, I was holding my No-Compromise Leadership book in my hands. It went on to win a 2010 IPPY Award for business and leadership.

Lesson One: Commit 100% or stop complaining about the problems that 99% commitment creates.

Lesson Two: If you lose your 100% commitment, you can get it back — if you’re willing to do the hard work of becoming a better you.

Here’s my challenge to you: No business is perfect. No one is the perfect leader.

Being the best leader means a 100% commitment to achieving your full potential as a leader.

Without your 100% commitment, your salon/spa cannot achieve its full potential.

If you hate numbers … as a leader, you must commit 100% to learn the numbers and make them something you’re proud of.

If you have a low tolerance for confrontation … as a leader, you must commit 100% to learn how to navigate difficult conversations.

If you see a problem in your business … as a leader, you need to be 100% committed to finding and implementing a solution. Problems never fix themselves.

Owning a business and leading a team is a privilege that comes with great personal accountability to build trust and respect, so everyone can achieve their full potential.

It’s what we leaders do.

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