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A week of tough phone calls

Last week’s Monday Morning Wake-up was clearly a “wake-up” for many. It was aimed squarely at addressing the epidemic of “owners’ nights” that has... Read More

Living on the financial edge isn't living ... It's surviving!

Put your seatbelt on because this Monday Morning Wake-Up is a wake-up every leader needs to digest and take action on. OK, here goes...Many years ago,... Read More

How hard are you playing the game of business?

Here are the facts: Business is a game. You play to win. There are owners, managers, coaches and players. The "season" is 12 months - one... Read More

“Someday, I’m gonna ...”

Since my No-Compromise Leadership book was published at the end of 2008, the one question I’m asked most is: How long did it take you to write it?... Read More

Does your company have an attitude?

It seems everyone is talking about how to create dynamic business cultures - me included. While doing a Webinar recently on indifference and how “I... Read More

When the most significant breakthroughs occur

I just completed teaching a four-day Strategies Incubator course. I’ve been doing Incubators for more than 16 years and still find them to be the... Read More

Where do your change resisters come from?

They slow things down. They stir the pot. They wear you down. They pull your attention away from what’s important. The distractions they create cause... Read More

What’s shaping your leadership style?

You are not the leader want to be, can be, or should be. That’s an in-your-face statement. I wrote it to make sure that I would have your attention.... Read More

You can’t lead a company walking on eggshells

Whenever you bring a group of people together, a natural leader emerges. You’ve seen it played out on shows, such as “Survivor.” One player steps up... Read More

“I thought I’d be further along by now.”

You may have uttered or thought these words. Achieving your dreams and reaching your full potential is a personal and sensitive subject. As kids, we... Read More

Recharge your business every 90 days — or more often

As a true Aquarian, I often find myself dreaming about doing great things. By great things, I’m talking about endeavors that make a difference in the... Read More