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Standing ovations are earned - every day

As a public speaker, I can assure you, there’s nothing more fulfilling than earning a standing ovation. It’s not just acknowledgment of a job well... Read More

How does your salon/spa grow?

Growth is a topic on the minds of most owners and managers. Bigger isn’t always better, however. Growth needs to be profitable in order for a business... Read More

The 100-day dash to the holidays

Wednesday is the first day of fall. Yup, the kids are back in school and summer is coming to an end. Before you get lost in memories of those warm... Read More

Why success in leadership is a moving target

Consider for a moment that you’re exploring a new career opportunity. The job description reads something like this... “Candidates must be prepared to... Read More

There’s an excuse for that!

Thought of something you’d like to do on your iPhone? Voila, “there’s an app for that.” Yup, there are apps for just about everything and more are on... Read More

Stuck in the vortex of ‘low-level interference’

It’s just lying in wait to suck you in and pull you away from the leadership work that makes great business achievements happen. And when it does get... Read More

Guest Wake-Up by Sarah McGee: Turmoil to triumph, a personal story

What a week it was for the newest round of Certified Strategies Coaches (CSCs)! I need to introduce myself before we move forward, and I tell my... Read More

When your 'square peg' can’t fit your 'round hole'

This is about performance expectations that are out of sync with capabilities and strengths. It sounds like this: “He knows what to do, so why can’t... Read More

It’s time for the No-Compromise Leadership road trip

Mid-term elections are in full swing with candidates stomping around the countryside pontificating how their versions of change are best. Well, I too... Read More

An accountant's view: What owners do to make their accountants lazy

I've reviewed thousands of financial statements over my 40 years as a business consultant. I confess that I have become cynical when it comes to... Read More

Sometimes, it’s good to get “mad”

The most memorable line in the 1976 hit film Network is, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” That line is one powerful declaration... Read More