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A Message for Salon/Spa Owners in These Crazy Times


It’s hard to believe that just five months ago, it was business as usual. The problems you faced back then pale in comparison to what you’ve endured.

No owner would sign on for this madness, for this level of stress, but here you are.

You’re tired, frustrated, and probably feeling mighty disenchanted with business ownership. And I’m sure that little voice in your head may have said, “I’ve had enough of this.”

Guess what? As a business owner in these crazy times, you have every right to feel tired, frustrated and pissed off.

WHY? Because you’ve had damn near every business, financial and employee problem thrown at you.

And guess what? You’re still here. You’re still in business. You’re doing what leaders do. You adapt and overcome.

Has it been fun? Hell no.

Is there a reason to be proud of yourself, your team and your company? Hell yes.

Leading a business through a pandemic and the worst economic crisis of our generation isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s about getting through it.

Take a moment to process the following thoughts on what it means to be an owner, or leader, in these crazy times:

  • You have more control than you think: The most important tool you have as an owner is the ability to make decisions. And yes, some decisions are really tough to make, but every decision means you have options. It means you’re still in control, even when it feels like you’re not. KEY: Decisions keep you in control. No matter how tough or scary, keep making the best decisions you can for your company and your employees.

  • You have more support than you think: As the owner, it can feel pretty lonely. It’s like you’re carrying the entire weight of the company on your shoulders. But as Jack Stack says, “With every pair of hands, you get a free brain.” KEY: Ask your team to help carry some of the load on your shoulders. Let go of some of the controls so you can focus on the most important controls. It’s called empowerment. It allows those that believe in what your company stands for to contribute. It allows people that trust you to feel trusted. And there is no better time than now to be working with a business coach to keep you on task and to keep making the best decisions.

  • It’s never as bad as you think: At Strategies, we’ve seen countless salons and spas come back from the fiery pit of hell. Reduced capacity, clients spreading out appointments, no shows, bills to pay, employee challenges — “lions and tigers and bears, oh my.” KEY: Bad is a perspective. Bad gets worse when you fail to take action. Going from bad to good is a process. Think of it as a checklist. The faster and more items you check off the list, the further away from bad you get. Got it?

  • Everyone is more frustrated than you think: Masks, social distancing, uncertainty, financial challenges, employee challenges, kids going back to school, more bad news, social media that isn’t so “social” these days — of course you’re frustrated. KEY: You are what you think, so think differently. Control what you can control. You woke up. You’re alive. You have an entire day to make a positive difference in your life and the lives around you. Be passionate rather than indifferent. Be bold rather than scared. Be kind rather than arrogant. Reach out your hand rather than turn away. Frustration is a choice.

  • You are a better leader than you think: Leaders come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. No leader is a complete package. KEY: Play to your strengths. Lead with the your heart and mind. Success is NOT all about the numbers and profit. Numbers and profit are a measurement of effective decision making, a positive culture, well designed systems and consistency. Focus on what matters. Focus on doing consistently great work. Focus on being the best. The best will follow you and the best will seek you out.

Here’s my challenge to you: Don’t allow this pandemic to beat you down. Get back to building something special.

Push the ugliness of the pandemic aside. Re-embrace your vision with passion and determination.

Show your heart. Show you care. Show that you want to win. You can do this.

Nothing about these times is easy. It’s stressful. It’s hard work. That’s how it’s going to be for a while. Is what it is.

IMPORTANT: You need to take care of yourself. You need to give your mind and body a break. Unplug. Go for a hike. Ride a bike. Breathe some fresh air. Take a mini-vacation. Just do something other than business.

Strategies is here to help. We’ve got the systems, disciplines and guidance you need to get through this. Take action and schedule a free strategy session. We’ll listen and offer the best next steps for you and your company.


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