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The Importance of Resilient Leadership During & After this Crisis

Making leadership decisions in times like these, is nothing like most of us have ever experienced.We can’t think back to yesterday to help make the... Read More

Why I Have Hope for Salons & Spas

We are entering a period of positive and profound change for the salon/spa industry. In this blog post, we’re going to give you the three reasons why we’re hopeful for what lies ahead. Read More

COVID-19: Keeping Your Leadership Head in the Game

Karie Bennett is the owner of the highly successful Atelier Salons in San Jose, CA.Like many tens of thousands of salon/spa owners in the USA and... Read More

COVID-19 Is NOT Going to Take Out Our Industry

Watching all but non-essential businesses shutting down is beyond surreal — like a nightmare you can’t wake up from.Where we are:For well over a week,... Read More

Salon/Spa Coronavirus Resource Links

e have compiled the following list of resources to help you be proactive and stay informed as we all work through the Coronavirus crisis. Read More

Salon/Spa Checklist for Pausing Operations Due to Coronavirus

Closing your salon or spa due to COVID-19? Here is a list of action items for you to start implementing right now in order to ensure your team and clients are informed, your physical location is secured, and your business is set up to operate at its full potential when it’s time to welcome guests back in the door. Read More

19 Points to Keep Your Salon/Spa Moving Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Lisa Cochran, owner of The Studio - Aveda Hair Salon & Spa, shares nineteen random thoughts, questions and tips to keep salon/spa owners moving. Read More

Lead to the Level of the Challenge

The list of salon/spa business challenge scenarios is endless. Devastating walkouts. Too much debt. Contaminated cultures. Low productivity. Dealing with COVID-19. Here are six strategies to help you lead at a level equal to any challenge you salon/spa may face. Read More

Coronavirus: Salon/Spa Preparedness & Reassurance

Here's a short list of things you should be doing to prepare your salon/spa business to weather any adverse effects coronavirus fears can bring. Read More

It’s HOW You Delegate that Creates Wins or Losses

If you’re a salon/spa owner, you have a choice to “do it all yourself” or, to grow your company by sharing the load with select team members.The “do... Read More

Salon/Spa Client Info: “It’s Not OK to Take My Personal Information When You Leave”

Retired Strategies Coach, Mary Walker, was a client at a salon near her home. As is standard practice at any salon with a computer system, she... Read More