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Lead to the Level of the Challenge

The list of salon/spa business challenge scenarios is endless. Devastating walkouts. Too much debt. Contaminated cultures. Low productivity. Dealing with COVID-19. Here are six strategies to help you lead at a level equal to any challenge you salon/spa may face. Read More

Coronavirus: Salon/Spa Preparedness & Reassurance

Here's a short list of things you should be doing to prepare your salon/spa business to weather any adverse effects coronavirus fears can bring. Read More

It’s HOW You Delegate that Creates Wins or Losses

If you’re a salon/spa owner, you have a choice to “do it all yourself” or, to grow your company by sharing the load with select team members.The “do... Read More

Salon/Spa Client Info: “It’s Not OK to Take My Personal Information When You Leave”

Retired Strategies Coach, Mary Walker, was a client at a salon near her home. As is standard practice at any salon with a computer system, she... Read More

My Ten 70th Birthday Morsels of Wisdom

I was born on February 2, 1950. For me, Groundhog’s Day has always been the best day ever.As kids, we dream about the future and all the possibilities... Read More

Why Salon/Spa Employees Leave for Suites or Booth Rental

Commission-based salons and spas are fighting the war of employee retention with the very weapons that create the independents suites and booth rental want. In this blog post, we outline why using the same antiquated business model over and over again, and expecting a different outcome, cannot and does not work. Read More

How to Move Forward When Salon/Spa Employees Quit

In this week’s blog post, we give a ten-point recovery plan to help you deal with the emotional blowback after a few employees leave — and how to get you positive and moving forward again. Read More

Salon/Spa Pricing: Charging What Your Services are Worth

Does your salon or spa service pricing match what you are worth? More importantly, are you charging enough to cover your expenses — and create profit? In this blog post, we outline the biggest service pricing traps — and give you a checklist on how to bulletproof your pricing strategies. Read More

What Will You Make of 2020 in Your Salon/Spa?

It’s time to look ahead, lock in your goals, and get down to the business of growing your salon/spa. In this blog post, we give you seven powerful questions to get your business and leadership juices. Read More

10 Salon/Spa Owner New Years Resolutions for 2020

The start of a new year has long been a time for making resolutions. One year comes to an end and brand spanking new year is about to begin.New Years... Read More

A Time for Gratitude

At Strategies, we’ve been coaching and training owners of salons, spas, medspas, barbershops, and every other industry related business for over 26... Read More