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What Motivates Salon/Spa Employees

Have you ever struggled to motivate your salon or spa team? In this blog post, you’ll learn about salon/spa employee behavior styles and why it’s important to communicate in ways that each of your employee’s can positively relate to. Read More

What Do You Mean You’re Bored?

Boredom for a salon/spa usually comes down to two things. We explore these and 10 ways to overcome them in this blog post. Read More

How to Move to Full-Time Leadership and Retain Your Self-Worth

After years of performing services, is it time to become a full-time leader? In this blog post, we give you six proven strategies to ensure that you find and retain your sense of self worth. Read More

What Story Do Your Salon/Spa's Financials Tell?

In this blog post, we detail the story that salon/spa financials tell about the leader and the company — and provide essential insights to ensure that your financials tell a story of success. Read More

The TOP TEN Reasons Salon/Spa Owners Should be Appreciated

For salon/spa owners, leading employees is, without question, the toughest part of ownership. Here are ten reasons why owners should been extremely appreciated by employees. Read More

Seven Keys to Go the Distance — To Go Beyond

For a salon/spa, going the distance means that your business has achieved a level of success that is merely a steppingstone to something greater. In this blog post, we give you seven insights to not only go the distance, but go beyond to achieve your loftiest goals. Read More

10 Tips for Salon/Spa Holiday Gift Card Sales

For salons and spas, the holiday season is the single best opportunity for gift card sales. The question is, are you ready to go for your gift card pot of gold? Here are 10 tips to ensure you have a profitable holiday gift card sales season. Read More

Where Your Salon/Spa Would be Now?

Where would your salon/spa be today if all the hurdles, self doubt, fear and procrastination never got in your way? Here are 10 strategies to get you unstuck and growing the salon/spa of your dreams. Read More

Why the First 10% of Effort Makes or Breaks the Remaining 90%

Remember all those great ideas and projects you had for your salon or spa that never got off the launch pad, or fizzled shortly thereafter? Here are five steps to ensure you get the first 10% effort done so the remaining 90% gets across the finish line. Read More

TBP19 — Reflections on Two Extraordinary Days

In this blog post, Strategies founder and CEO, Neil Ducoff, looks back at Team-Based Pay Conference 2019 and shares insights on what attendees experienced and learned. Read More

2019 Team-Based Pay Awards Winners

Here they are!!! We're happy to celebrate and honor the 8 salons, spas & medspas that exhibited superior performance and financial successes in 2019 using Strategies Team-Based Pay compensation program. Read More