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In-Person Seminar

Salon/Spa Game-Planning Workshop

August 18th, 2024 - August 19th, 2024

If you want to achieve measurable business success for your salon, spa, or medspa's future, you need to get your plan on paper NOW. Join us for this workshop training where you will receive step-by-step guidance on developing your plan, along with the only template your company needs to put your plans into place. This is a rare opportunity to step back from your day-to-day challenges and focus on the big picture of your business - from what's slipping through the cracks, to how to make your biggest aspirations for your company come true.

Cancellations and No-Shows: What Part Do YOU Play?

September 9th, 2024 | 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

Join us for this online training where we debunk the common misconception around pre-booking and the subsequent surge in cancellations and no-shows. Don't settle for the belief that it's just the way things are these days – discover the role you play in educating clients about the importance of honoring the most valuable and delicate resource in our business: time. Armed with practical tools, we'll guide you in creating an environment where cancellations and no-shows are the exception, not the norm. 

Online Seminar

Salon/Spa Manager's Course

November 17th, 2024 - November 19th, 2024

This three-day manager/leadership course is all about training managers to perform their jobs at a higher level.

Today’s salon/spa manager must have the same skills, knowledge and commitment as the owner to growing the business. With all the daily challenges and distractions, this is no small task. Hours must be monitored and filled. Interviews must be conducted. Goals must be communicated to staff. The list of expectations and responsibilities goes on and on – but how prepared are your managers to meet them?

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