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May 10th, 2021 -

11:00 am - 3:00 pm EST

An Online learning event

Onlive | Intended for: Owners

Understanding Your Critical Numbers & the Story They Tell

Are you overwhelmed by the mystery of your salon/spa's numbers?

As a salon, spa or medspa owner, it’s your job to monitor, react to, and communicate your company’s numbers.

But which numbers should you be focusing on?

Well, ultimately they’re ALL important, but there five Critical Numbers that, when moved in the right direction, have a profound and lasting impact on the company:

  • Productivity rate

  • Pre-book rate

  • First-time Client Retention

  • Existing Client Retention Rate

  • Frequency of Visit

And, each of these numbers has its own little “mystery” that needs to be solved:

  • How do we read them?

  • How do we understand the story they are telling us?

  • How do we coach our team to understand them in the same way? 

In this month’s Onlive Training, we’re going to help you remove the mystery from each of the Critical Numbers so you understand what they are, and how to drive them forward.

Most importantly, we’re going to give you the tools and the confidence to clearly explain your Critical Numbers to your team..without confusing them! We’ll walk you through a No-Compromise Communication Plan that will help your team understand:

  • What the Critical Numbers are, and the story they tell

  • How your Critical Numbers are influenced by the team’s actions & behaviors

  • What the Critical Numbers say about the company

Listen, we know that sharing numbers can be scary or unappealing. But if presented properly, teaching the numbers to your team can be one of the most rewarding and productive things you can do for your company.

And, team members who feel valued and know where they can help are more likely to contribute and drive innovation. 

Join us on May 10th as we kick off this month’s Onlive training, and let's take the mystery out of your Critical Numbers!

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