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February 8th, 2021 -

11:00 am - 3:00 pm EST

An Online learning event

Onlive | Intended for: Owners

Get Out of Debt & Build Cash Reserves

We've all been there.

Situations come up and we spend more than we want or should.

Maybe you overstocked on holiday retail...

Maybe it was the recent shutdown(s)...

Or maybe it was years of unknowingly overspending — and not putting any money into savings — that has grown into unexpected debt.

Regardless of the cause, when your salon/spa starts to take on debt and has little-to-no savings to offset it, stress levels start to rise, and the future of the company comes into question.

And that’s not a fun — or smart — situation to be in.

Luckily, with some smart planning and simple changes to your financial habits, getting out of debt — and creating some “sleep good at night money” in your savings — is very doable.

In fact, we coach salon/spa owners through this exact scenario every day. And starting February 8th, we’re opening up this same training to!

Register now for February’s Onlive training, and join two of Strategies’ best salon/spa financial gurus  — Barbara Pierce and Dennis Gullo — as they help you break through your financial roadblocks and develop a plan to start building the cash reserves you and your company deserve.

What type of cash reserves? How does 3-6 months of operating expenses in the bank sound? That may sound like a lofty goal now, but that’s exactly the type of “sleep good at night” money you should have at the ready should an emergency (hello COVID?) arise. 

Planning for profit doesn’t have to be overwhelming...neither does having some debt.

Join us for this Onlive training, and let us guide you through the process — from planning and budgeting, to proven methods for adjusting the behaviors and attitudes that are holding you back.

Register now!

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