How Two Salon & Spa Employees Blew an Owner’s Mind

December 25, 2017 | By Neil Ducoff | No Comments

How Two Salon/Spa Employees Blew and Owner's Mind

When your team-based culture is dialed in, employees can do amazing things that can blow an owner’s mind.

That’s exactly what happened to Bridgett DiVohl, owner of Royale Hair Parlor in Bloomington, IN. Bridgett is also a Strategies Coach.

I received the following email from Bridgett that was truly a joy to read.

Hi Neil,

I want to share a campaign that one of the Royale team members recently created that blew my mind. Sydney, one of our leaders, definitely finds value in everything we do as a team-based salon.  

To help us find our next great employee, I assigned her and a few others to listen to the Strategies “How to Recruit and Retain Staff” webinar. We had to let go the past two hires within the first three months.  

With everyone so protective of our culture, we recognize that having one employee that isn’t a fit can have an adverse effect on the entire team.  

She was SO inspired after the webinar, she spent the following weekend brainstorming ideas. She came up with a spin on “Humans of New York,” but called it, “Humans of Royale.”

Sydney and Charlie interview each team member and post them as stories on Instagram and Facebook.

The Plan: If everyone in our community reads each team member’s thoughts on why they love working here, we are bound to attract candidates that are like-minded.  

I love that she put so much thought into this. When I think about how amazing my team is and how truly grateful I am for each and every one of them, I get pretty emotional.

Below are some of the team member’s interviews (Bridgett’s commentary is in italic text): 

Ali Delp: Stylist, team leader and inventory assistant:

“I have been at Royale for a year and three months and a stylist since 2010. In 2015, I left the industry because I was uninspired, had inconsistent pay and wanted security.

I left the industry for a year and thought I would never look back. That’s when I realized I wasn’t just looking for a job; I was looking for a career and to work with like-minded individuals. I knew that only a salon like Royale could give me the confidence to be back behind a chair.

My experience at Royale has been like no other. I can’t begin to explain how much it has changed my life and career. I love the supportive family/team atmosphere.

Unlike past experiences, I have consistency, confidence, growth and structure. My hope is to continue to grow my role on the leadership team and become the best stylist I can be.”

Chelsea Langley: Managing Team Leader:

“I’ve been with Royale for over four years and in the industry for over 11 years. I wanted something different because I had been let down by the industry time and time again. I knew there was something better for me out there.

I moved back to Bloomington from Chicago to work with Bridgett because we shared the same passion for the industry. Being a part of the Royale family we have grown into a passionate, career-focused salon.

Because of the shift to TBP, the company can give me maternity leave with pay along with paid education and travel and paid personal time off. I never had these benefits at other salons. I’m honored to be a part of a company that takes care of its people.

When I return from maternity leave, I will continue to help the company grow any way I can.”

Victoria Mumma: Joined Royale right out of school:

Why did you want to work at Royale right out of school?

“I realized early in cosmetology school that I would not learn the bulk of what I needed until I worked in a salon. I went to a demo last year at Royale and when I heard about their education program and promise for growth, I knew that I found the salon I was meant to be at. Everyone was so happy to answer my questions. Before I even interviewed, I could see there were no walls or hidden agendas.”

What has your career looked like in the first year?

“Looking back to where I was when I began my training at Royale, it is hard to believe that I am the same person. At Royale you are always pushed to grow and be better then you were yesterday. You’re handed all the tools that you need to grow and be a better stylist. Most of all, you have this team of amazing people cheering you on every step of the way. It has been a very challenging year (from learning the correct way to do a blow out to learning how to create silver hair), but I feel nothing but pride when I think of where I was a year ago to where and who I am now.”

What goals do you have for the next year?

“Next year, I should be moving on from a Junior Stylist position to a Stylist. This is a huge goal of mine.

One of my proudest moments is when I applied for the Education Director position last June and, despite my short time at Royale, I got it. I am so proud to fully embrace my new role next year.

Above all, I love doing hair, but it is so amazing that each and every one of us is encouraged to use our other skills to create a better team. Next year I will also be having my soiree in July, which is something I have dreamed of doing before I even interviewed at Royale.

Due to the financial stability I have at Royale, I’ve able to plan my dream wedding in Hawaii next September. I made the first deposit a few weeks ago. It’s so amazing that this can even be a goal of mine. I could never do this if I did not work at Royale.”

Neil, I know this was a long email, but I had to share their perspectives with you. I know for a fact that this type of positive energy and contribution (with very little effort on my part, only to believe in their ideas really) does not happen in booth rental and commission-based salons.

I love how my team cares for and protects our culture. It is also great because they know that I am going through a lot with my family, getting my partner Steph off to a good start up place in her new position at Royale, and in learning how to be a great Strategies Coach.

I can see that they want to do all that they can to help the company.

Thank you for creating this for salon owners, I am so grateful.

Bridgett DiVohl

Here’s my challenge to you: Bridgett’s inspiring email to me is really a snapshot of where her company is on a journey she began in 2014. Back then, Royale wasn’t so royal. It was like so many other salons/spas struggling with cash flow, employee turnover and with Bridgett stuck behind the chair.

Bridgett made a decision to reengineer her company with the right systems, financial controls and leadership. It didn’t happen overnight — but it happened.

You can feel the pride not only in Bridgett’s words, but in her employee’s words too.

So my challenge to you is to make 2018 the year you take back control of your company, get off the hamster wheel and begin building the company and culture you always dreamed of.

On this Christmas Day, make this your gift to yourself, your company and your employees.

Merry Christmas and No Compromise.

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