Three keys to creating the ultimate salon or spa experience

March 29, 2012 | By Bruce Hourigan | No Comments

A friend and fellow entrepreneur once told me when it comes to going to a salon, it’s important that the stylist get the cut and/or color right every time. If you don’t get that part down, you can forget about everything else. However, when you consistently get the cut and/or color right, then it becomes about everything else, the experience.

Salons and spas throw the word “experience” around like nobody’s business. “We charge higher prices because our clients pay for the experience.” “Our clients come to us because of our great salon experience.” What the heck does that mean? While every salon/spa has their own way of doing things, many owners and managers have no clue what matters to their clients.

In my salons, the experience starts with the initial point of contact. How the guest-care coordinators greet our clients is important, including their words and tone. We often tell new team members to “smile through the phone.” When a client comes into our business, we have a two-second rule. That means that when clients walk in the door, they are warmly greeted within two seconds.

Next, we offer a complimentary stress-relieving treatment. After a thorough consultation, we begin the service ritual with a scalp massage and stress-relieving shampoo. We also give clients a hand massage while their hair is blown dry. We expedite the checkout process by offering to reserve the next appointment while our guests are “in the chair.” We finish with a quick makeup touch-up, before we escort our guests to the front.

We’re often asked how we’re able to incorporate so much into the salon visit and how we deliver this experience to every guest, every time.

It comes down to three things: culture, accountability and systems. As a team-based business, our staff understands the importance of team service. They understand that everyone is responsible for taking care of the guest. Period. From the guest care coordinators to the salon interns. That’s our culture.

Next up is accountability. Everyone is responsible for ensuring our commitment to the customer is kept. It’s that simple.

The third thing is systems. Systems create the foundation and the support to create consistency. Consistency breeds loyalty. With systems in place, we can always focus on the client.

We all like to think that we provide superior salon and spa experiences for our guests.

Can you answer “yes” to these two questions?

  1. Would I pay full price for the services we offer?
  2. Is the experience worth the price every time?

I can answer, “Yes” and “Yes.” If you can’t, start thinking about culture, accountability and systems.

Your turn:  How does your culture support your vision? Let us know in the “Speak your Mind” field below.

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