Three BIG Cheers for Blush Salon Spa

August 4, 2019 | By Neil Ducoff | 1 Comment

Lacey Spaulding is the owner of Blush Salon Spa in Fargo, ND.

  • Lacey is a long-time coaching client of Strategies and winner of the 2016 Team-Based Pay Award for Culture Shift.
  • Lacey has grown Blush into an efficient, profitable business with a truly impressive team-based culture.
  • Blush Salon has been in the very capable care of Strategies Coach, Steve Swanson.

But nothing can prepare a leader and team for the sudden and tragic loss last June of Johnny Grey, who was not just a valued team member, but a team member with an infectious spirit for life and dedication to teaching and delivering the highest standards of professional salon services.

On August 2nd, Lacey posted the following to the Strategies Facebook page.

I seriously can’t even make this up. We hit our July service goal on the EXACT DOLLAR yesterday. We exceeded retail by $339, and hit service right on as our very last client checked out last night!

This team has had a whirlwind of a month. We lost a team member of six years to a car accident in June that was a huge impact to all of us. We were shaken and heartbroken. We ended June with a huge loss, both emotionally and financially.

We always do our team meetings on a Thursday afternoon, every six weeks. The way the schedule rotated it just happened to fall on today, the 1st day of a new month. After everything everyone has been through and accomplished, and then hitting goal yesterday, it felt like we needed a celebration instead of a meeting. At the start of our meeting, I let everyone know we were going to the zoo for pizza and a relaxing afternoon together. I LOVE how excited and happy they were about something so simple. They were so appreciative.

Although we would rather have Johnny with us any day, it has been awesome to see everyone become closer and realize that we really are a family. I couldn’t be more proud of this team. The way everyone has not only supported each other, but also our grieving clients, has blown me away.

I just wanted to share this team’s story with everyone. Here’s the only group photo (minus two people) we managed to get today on our zoo adventure. We may have stuck out like a sore thumb in our all black attire, but it was definitely the best and most productive “team meeting” yet!

I don’t know about you, but Lacey’s post brought a smile to my face.

Exceeding retail goal is one thing. Hitting service goal to the exact dollar on the last customer of the month is more than cool. Maybe it was Johnny’s spirit. Maybe it was nothing. But it definitely was cool. So was the team meeting falling on August 1st.

Lacey’s decision to turn the team meeting into a trip to the zoo for pizza and relaxation was both simple and profound. The team meeting instantly became a celebration for team that rose to the challenge to hit goal after a tragic June. It also was a time for remembering, team bonding and shared pride.

What inspires me most about Lacey’s post is how she has grown as a leader and lead her team through tragedy and loss to achieving and celebrating hitting goal in a simple yet very special way.

Here’s my challenge to you: As business owners, setbacks and loss are inevitable. It’s how we lead our teams back to success that defines your leadership and team culture.

You just read Lacey’s story of leading her team back. Share your leadership comeback story in the comments section below.

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  1. just when I think I can’t read anything more that inspires and humbles, I read this today. Keeps everything in perspective. Thank you for sharing this. It was a lovely way to connect with another salon on a more personal note.


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