Team-Based Pay…

It’s more than hourly pay… It’s a proven salon & spa business model.

Are you handing out commission checks – that you can’t afford – to staff members who have little concern beyond the face they see in the mirror?

Wouldn’t you rather be paying your staff based on their overall contribution to the growth of the business, with clearly defined and communicated goals set for sales, productivity, service excellence and efficiency?

That’s what Team-Based Pay is all about.

At Strategies, we believe that the way you pay can affect everything from bottom-line profits to client retention. We believe that Team-Based Pay is the only way to ensure that your team is working together with shared goals that all lead to extraordinary customer satisfaction in your salon, spa or medspa business.

In order to design a high-performance pay program, you must allow your thinking to go completely outside the box because, when it comes to salon compensation, historical practices and old belief systems will surely get in the way.

What can Team-Based Pay do for your salon, spa or medspa?

  • Consistent bottom-line profits

  • A pay program that you can afford

  • Getting paid as an owner, not just an employee

  • A team culture where everyone is motivated and rewarded by growth

  • Bulletproof systems to ensure consistency

  • Clients loyal to the business – not to an individual

Are you tired of struggling with:

  • Shrinking profits?
  • A less-than-motivated staff?
  • No clear growth direction?
  • Marginal client retention?
  • Poor productivity?
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There are a lot of myths about Team-Based Pay. You owe it to your salon or spa business to get the facts. Start by downloading our Team-Based Pay Fact Sheet. Have questions schedule a free coaching call with a Certified Strategies Coach.

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Written by Strategies’ Founder & CEO Neil Ducoff — the creator of Team-Based Pay, this Fact Sheet provides comprehensive explanation of how the system works, its benefit to your business and your clients, as well as personal stories from salon and spa owners who currently use the Team-Based Pay structure. The changes in their businesses are astounding.


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Strategies pioneered the Team-Based Pay concept in the professional beauty industry. If you’re serious about implementing Team-Based Pay in your business, we highly suggest you attend the four-day Incubator Seminar — the only seminar the teaches the program top to bottom.

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Strategies literally invented Team-Based Pay for the beauty industry. Schedule a free call with one of our Certified Strategies Coaches, and learn how different your financial reality could be on Team-Based Pay.

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