A Statement on Black Lives Matter

June 6, 2020 | By Eric Ducoff | No Comments

We want to make a difference…starting with ourselves.

Recent events have shone a bright light on the critical need to banish racism, violence and any/all shortcomings of opportunity for the Black community. These events have also shone a bright light on Strategies’ part in this mission, as well.

We have not done enough to understand and support the unique challenges that Black entrepreneurs face compared to others. But we are committed to learn, and to adjust our practices to support them through these challenges to the best of our ability.

We will also be looking inward to ensure all policies, practices and opportunities within our organization are diversified and free of racism. We know we can do better at this, because we have not put in the effort to ensure that we are not.

The same holds true for our role in our community. We can do better.

The lesson we have learned with Black Lives Matter is that change has to begin with each and every one of us. We must listen and learn, so that we are better prepared to offer our support to those that desperately need it…as equals.

We understand that now, and we want to make a difference…starting with ourselves.


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