Salon & Spa Scoreboard Mania! Inspiring Team Engagement

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In last week’s blog post I stressed the importance of Financial Literacy training for employees.

This week, I want to stress the importance of focusing on the total salon/spa goal and keeping team engagement high through scoreboards and huddles.

FACT #1: If you want teamwork and team culture, leaders must unite employees around the salon/spa service and retail goal.


Because that’s the goal that covers payroll, pays the bills and provides growth opportunity for all. And yes, profit too.

FACT #2: If your approach to goal setting is by individual service provider, the result is employees competing against each other, not beating the competition. More importantly, you’re “building columns on the appointment book” … not a team-based effort or culture.

Scoreboard Rules:

  1. Scoreboards are done every month
  2. Scoreboards are updated daily
  3. Scoreboards and daily Team Huddles are inseparable
  4. Never post/update a scoreboard without a Team Huddle
  5. A scoreboard without a huddle is “invisible”
  6. Team Huddles are done the same time every day
  7. An employee that is late for Team Huddle is late for work
  8. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 say the same thing … Huddles are that important
  9. If you flunk scoreboards and daily Team Huddles … you have a leadership and accountability issue in your company

So, what better way to demonstrate the power of scoreboards and teamwork than by sharing a collection of scoreboards created by Strategies’ coaching clients and their staff.

Sue Ohrum — Hizair Hair Salon, North Tonawanda, NY

“Our first scoreboard had a little miscommunication, and ended up the size of our break room wall!! The top two are service and retail and the bottom nine are a “side bet” on retail sales. I brought in four pieces of poster board for the project in case they had a mistake, or to keep for next month. My artists thought they were supposed to use all the materials, so we ended up with a very large Kentucky Derby! It is creating excitement, which was the intended purpose!”

Sue Ohrum salon spa scoreboard

Amanda Sinclair — Cosmo Hair Studio, Alberta, CN

“Our first scoreboard! Can you say talent?”

Amanda Sinclair Scoreboard

Shannon Cook — Body & Beyond Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa, Murrells Inlet, SC

“I decided to put my team members in charge of doing our monthly scoreboard. Each month is assigned to a different person. They are having so much fun with it and can’t wait for their turn to build a scoreboard. The best part … I don’t have to do it!!! Yay me! Thank you to my Strategies Coach, Daryl Jenkins, for your, “With every set of hands … you get a free brain,” quote. I’ve been trying to utilize my “free brains” as much as possible since Incubator.

Check out our creative Scoreboard for this month! I am a major glitter-aholic, and so is most of my staff. So instead of filling the jar with sand, she bought 5lbs of different colored glitter!!!!! We’re going to LOVE getting closer to goal! LOL!”

Shannon Cook Scoreboard

Yukiko Taylor — Oly Curl, Olympia, WA

“Julia made our scoreboard for October! We will fill it with candy, each being worth $1000. At the end of the month, we will split the candy and hand out team bonus.”

Yukiko Scoreboard

Christi Dee, VP Salon Operations — Salon 01, Carmel, IN

“We are dressing Santa and filling his sleigh with gifts as our scoreboard this month!”

Christi Dee salon spa scoreboard

Lindsay Fuller — Stephen and Burns Salon Spa, Burlington, VT

“We wanted to share our scoreboard for October. Work as a team. Reach our goals. Be rewarded!”

Lindsay fuller salon spa scoreboard

Here’s my challenge to you: Scoreboards don’t have to be boring Excel files. As the preceding examples show, scoreboards can be tons of fun, just like winning is tons of fun!

If you are reluctant to share your salon/spa’s TOTAL REVENUE for the month, think about the message you’re sending to your employees. It says you don’t trust them. It says you want to “hide” information from them.

Growing a company and a team is about open communication, trust and high engagement. After countless years of teaching scoreboards and huddles, we’ve seen the results.

So, your challenge is to have your team create the most awesome scoreboards ever.

What to see TONS more real-life scoreboard examples? Head on over to our Strategies Salon & Spa Business Idea Exchange Facebook group and search for #ScoreboardRoundup, where we have owners post their scoreboards every single month!

Please share photos!

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