No-Compromise Leadership

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No-Compromise Leadership is all about the thinking, behavior and accountability that support all leadership results and business outcomes. By design, no-compromise cuts through the myriad of excuses, emotional blockages and procrastination that silently infect leadership performance. If “No-compromise” becomes the mandate – the guiding principle upon which all other leadership behavior emanates – the resulting business outcomes will be nothing short of breakthrough.

As a result of adapting no-compromise leadership:

  • You’ll experience a sharper, more focused sense of purpose.
  • You’ll know what needs to be done – and do it.
  • You’ll tackle pressing issues that you would ordinarily keep on the back burner where they fester and grow.
  • You’ll be more decisive with your communication and how you relate to those you lead.
  • You’ll make better decisions, because no compromise demands a thorough attention to detail.

“NCL is more than a great read – it’s what true leadership is all about.”
    – Jack Stack, CEO SRC Holding Corp, author of The Great Game of Business

“Once you absorb the lessons in this extraordinary book, ‘no-compromise’ will become your watchword and your company’s battle cry.”
    – Bo Burlingham, editor at large, INC. magazine; author of Small Giants: Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big

“If I could only have five business books on my shelf, this would be one of them. You will want all your people to read, execute and live the no-compromise mantra.”
  – Terry “Moose” Millard, former Southwest Airlines pilot and expert on corporate culture

“No-Compromise Leadership is the game-changing business manifesto for our times – and nothing less than a paradigm reset.”
    – Matthew Cross, president,; author of The Hoshin Success Compass

“No-Compromise Leadership truly makes the difference between success and failure for entrepreneurs. NCL is a non-negotiable must-read.”
    – Paula Kent Meehan, founder of Redken Laboratories

“Neil has written a blue print on exactly how not to accept ‘good enough.’ This book isn’t a book about what you want to hear – it’s what you need to hear.”
    – John R. DiJulius III, author of What’s The Secret? To Providing a World-Class Customer Experience

“Read this book today, rather than tomorrow, and you’ll be at the peak a day earlier.”
  – Dr. Lewis Losoncy, author of The Motivating Team Leader

“Neil’s No-Compromise Leadership will redefine the role you play as a leader in your world today.”
    – Winn Claybaugh, dean and co-founder of Paul Mitchell Schools;author of Be Nice (or Else!)

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Paperback –  316 pages


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