Fast Forward – Second Edition

Price: $59.95

Growing a salon or day spa today is akin to venturing through a minefield of historically inefficient business practices and beliefs. Yesterday’s success strategies seem tired and rusty in today’s rapid-fire, change-everything-now business climate.

Fast Forward is your map – a pathway through the fog of growing a salon/spa business. It’s a collection of keys to open the doors of productivity, efficiency and performance. It’s a catalyst to ignite the energy to break through the chaos and confusion that are the ever-present partners of change and forward progress.

  • Proven, workable business building solutions
  • A timeless reference guide to manage all areas of business
  • Written in familiar salon, spa and medspa language
  • Self-help tests, worksheets and to-do lists, comprehensive charts and guides
  • Created by the most respected business minds in the professional beauty industry.

 10 Powerful Chapters:

  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Compensation
  • Stress Relief
  • Financial Success
  • Client Retention
  • Front Desk
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Exit Strategy

 About the re-write:

“In 2010 the decision was made to begin a complete rewrite of Fast Forward. Along with my trusted editor, Mara Dresner, we began to identify what portions of the original Fast Forward had to go and what was heading for a rewrite. Not one page of the original Fast Forward would transition “as is” to the new Second Edition. Why rewrite perfectly good content? The answer is simple and has everything to do with writing style. Fast Forward was my first book. (I’m on book number three now.) I’ve written volumes of work since 2000. My writing voice and style is more refined. Terminology has changed. Industry segments, such as the medspa, didn’t exist when I first wrote Fast Forward. More importantly, my expertise and experience has grown. Strategies has grown and evolved, too. (In 2013, Strategies celebrated 20 years in business.) A complete rewrite of Fast Forward was the no-compromise way to publish the Second Edition of a great book.” Neil Ducoff


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