If there were nothing but green lights

November 10, 2014 | By Neil Ducoff | 1 Comment

green_lights-#1There are specific milestones in our lives when vision, determination, ambition, self-confidence and opportunity collide in ways that explode all the fears and obstacles that seemingly lay before you. These are the transformative moments when you step willingly into the unknown and take responsibility for your own success. It’s like driving to a destination with nothing but green lights before you. You become so positively charged that you overcome and break through the negative resistance that accompanies all bold journeys. And when you encounter the inevitable setbacks, you simply push harder until you’re back on your intended course.

The truth about these milestones is that you have total control over when and how often they occur in your life. Your current reality … better known as your life … is what keeps milestone moments at bay. You don’t have the time or money. You give the risks more energy than they deserve. The goal you want to chase will meet resistance from those you lead so you discount its value. The confidence busting “what if it doesn’t work?” question eventually starts changing all of your green lights red.

I’m not suggesting that you charge off to conquer every potential opportunity set before you. There are many opportunities I’m thankful I didn’t chase … and some bad ones that I wish I never did. But there are certain opportunities you know are right and yet you allow them to fizzle for all the wrong reasons. Usually it’s due to fear of failure, overwhelming self-doubt and natural resistance to change.

Here are some No-Compromise strategies to create more growth milestones for yourself and those you lead:

  • Create your own “perfect storm”: You don’t have to wait for a crystalized vision, or for determination, ambition, self-confidence and opportunity to collide. Some people wait a lifetime for that perfect storm to happen – if it ever does. If you want a better tomorrow and greater success, make your own perfect storm. Begin by focusing on the outcome or opportunity … not the endless list of excuses of why you can’t and why it won’t work. Excuses are red lights that stop progress entirely, killing necessary changes and opportunity initiatives.
  • Let it bake a little: New opportunities and ideas need time to bake in order to see and understand them clearly. Simply put, trying to communicate a half-baked idea is a sure-fire way to have it picked apart and shot down. New ideas and opportunities all begin with a desired outcome. That’s the easy part. The “let it bake” part means crafting the strategy for your goal in order to articulate it to others so they understand and buy into your thinking. Achieving buy in gives your opportunity traction.
  • “Green light” thinking: What would you change in your company right now if you could count on no resistance or push back from your team? What would you do if the naysayers were forever banished from your world? The short answer is that you would become a fearless leader with a level of momentum that nothing could slow down. The fact remains that resistance and push back are a part of every change initiative. And like duck hunters, the naysayers are just waiting to shoot your idea down. Green light thinking is about not getting stuck or shot down when you encounter resistance and negative “that won’t work” feedback. Yes, you must listen to and process the caution tape … but you will never achieve a transformational career, business or life milestone if your commitment to achieving your goals is not rock solid.
  • There are no do-overs in life: We all get one shot at creating our own growth and opportunity milestones. I’d rather rack up a collection of milestones that I can look back on and be proud of than end up a grumpy old man mumbling, “Should-a, could-a, would-a”. Make your own green lights to clear the way toward achieving your full potential. Make your own green lights to instill the confidence and determination to do whatever it takes to be the leader you are capable of being. Make your own green lights, and you will inspire others to believe in your vision and go the distance with you.

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  1. I am in the middle of The Perfect Storm… The words in this post is exactly how I was coached by one of your coaches… Working endless hours, praying inbetween! This perfect storm has left me very close to
    Loosing EVERYTHING! Peeps, be careful when creating a perfect storm…


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