How to Get Things Done

June 10, 2019 | By Neil Ducoff | No Comments

Everyone wants to get things done.

Getting things done means making progress.

It means accomplishment.

Heck, getting things done just feels good!

So why is getting things done such a challenge? I’m not talking about simple things like tasks on a to-do list.

I’m talking about those profound things that require courage, commitment and tenacity to get to a better place.

When it comes to getting things done, it’s the same for personal and business:

  • You can’t lose weight or get physically fit if you don’t make better decisions on what you eat and make time to exercise and workout.
  • You can’t advance or fix what’s not working in your salon/spa without implementing change.

FACT: We all have dreams and visions for our future. Achieving those dreams and visions means getting things done.

So if you’re ready to get things done, here is my No-Compromise Leadership hit-list to get you started and across the finish line:

  1. It begins with a spark: That spark sounds like, “It’s my turn.” “I’ve had enough of ________.” “I’m going for it.” “It’s time.” Sometimes your current reality has to become frustrating enough to spark the decision to change. The spark momentarily opens a door to your future and new opportunities. KEY: You must seize the moment. Never ignore the spark because it may or may not return.
  2. You can do whatever you choose to do: Getting things done takes action and effort. Likewise, making excuses, procrastination and avoidance also require action and effort to prevent progress and opportunity. Why put energy into holding yourself and your business back? KEY: You can choose to hang on to your current reality or you can choose to do things that move you closer to your dreams and vision. Success is always a choice.
  3. The alignment thing: Everything is a trade off. You can’t lose weight without some form of food management. You can’t eliminate financial stress without making serious changes to your business and spending. You can’t deal with employee challenges if you allow yourself to be held hostage. You can’t build a viable business brand without implementing structure and accountability. Lastly, you can’t make personal time without rethinking how you spend time in your business. KEY: You can’t get new things done if you don’t let go of something else.
  4. Creature habits vs. time: We are all creatures of habit. There’s a time we wake up, a time we go to bed and days filled with routines that we follow. If your goal is to get new things done, you need to change your daily routine. The statement, “I don’t have time for that,” really means, “Sorry, I refuse to adjust my routine to make time for that.” Let’s take that one step further by saying, “I’m addicted to my routine.” It’s interesting how a major life event can almost instantly make an individual break their routine to diet, stop smoking or exercise. Why does it take a staff walk-out or massive financial stress for an owner to change his or her routine to make time for culture building and how to manage cash flow? KEY: There is time to do anything and everything you want to do if you build yourself a better and more efficient routine. The old routine never surrenders easily. It wants to keep coming back. Why? Because it’s familiar. It’s comfortable.
  5. The things you have to do: Sorry, there are responsibilities to get things done that just may not be fun and exciting. I’ve never met an owner that says, “Oh boy, I can’t wait to do performance reviews,” or, “Building a cash-flow plan is the most exhilarating thing I do.” No owner or manager looks forward to having a fierce conversation with an employee, or having to fire a problem employee. The same goes for making better food choices, going to the gym or engaging in some form of fitness routine. KEY: Getting things done requires the self discipline to do the tougher stuff that leads to the good stuff.
  6. You don’t have all the time in the world: We have but one life to make our mark in this world. You either challenge yourself to achieve your full potential by getting things done, or you abdicate. Fear of the unknown and procrastination are opportunity killers. KEY: There’s something extraordinary about testing and challenging yourself. About believing in yourself. A little self-doubt helps to keep your ego in check. You will discover that getting things done will take you farther than you ever imagined.

Here’s my challenge to you: Allow yourself to dream big by blowing up your comfort zone. Change what you don’t like in your life and business by changing your routine.

Build that shortlist of things to get done that will create a better tomorrow for you and your company. Prioritize that list. Establish timelines. Add the finer details.

Get excited, fed up, angry, or whatever it takes, until you feel that spark. Then, get that first thing done. Then the next. Let your journey begin.

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