Happy Birthday Strategies! 28 Years of Growing Great Salons/Spas

September 13, 2021 | By Neil Ducoff | 10 Comments

When I founded Strategies, my vision was to publish Strategies Magazine and build a seminar/coaching company for the salon/spa industry.

The first issue of Strategies Magazine was published in January 1994. I loved my 16-page, no advertising, magazine.

When I started Strategies, no one knew about the internet, had a website, or had any clue what an e-mail address was.

December 2007, fourteen years and 168 monthly issues later, we published the last issue of Strategies Magazine. Why? Simple. The internet made printing and mailing a publication obsolete.

In January 2008, I started doing my weekly Monday Morning Wake-Up email and blog post. All 700+ blog posts are available — and searchable by keyword.

Our first Incubator seminar was held in Spring 1994. Incubator is where we teach our Team-Based Business Model. It quickly became our flagship seminar and the starting point for all owners committed to building a company based on best business practices.

We begin another Incubator Online this Sunday, September 19th. Click the image below for details.

Looking back over these past 28 years, I am proud beyond words of the company that Strategies grew into.

If there is anything more true about Strategies, it’s that we practice what we preach.

I did not build this company on my own. It took teamwork, commitment, and a massive amount of hard work. From our corporate office to our team of coaches around the United States, we live the Team-Based Business Model we teach.

Thank you for the honor of being your business resource.

Thank you for trusting our approach to training and coaching.

Thank you for helping Strategies create a better future for owners, employees, and the clients you serve.

Looking forward to another 28 amazing years.

Happy 28th birthday Strategies.

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  1. Happy Birthday Strategies!! Honored to be apart of the great teaching since 1994! I’m a raving fan forever!!
    Congrats Neil and the Strategies Team

  2. I used to get the strategies magazine way back when and keep the issues for reference.Strategies has been an intricate part of my entire business career and To this day I still refer to them when I’m needing that extra help. Thank you strategies for being there through covid and thru my career! You guys are the absolute best at what you do. Happy anniversary!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! It’s all about growing a company, building culture, paying for overall performance — not just a % of what a service provider brings in … and creating profit to ensure sustainability.
      All my best,


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